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Thread: Go forth and repopulate J-pop..

  1. Go forth and repopulate J-pop..

    From PuffyAmiYumi Mailing List:


    I'm going to be a mother soon!
    I'm doing fine and I don't have any problem with my physical condition,
    but as everything has been the first experience for me, I'm afraid it
    took a while for me to announce this news to you.

    I will continue working with great support from my family, friends,
    and especially Yumi and the staff until the baby is born. I might have
    to take a break from time to time and make our fans wonder where I am,
    but please don't worry. I will work hard as much as I can for the
    new single to be released in November followed by a new album, so I'd
    grateful if you could continue supporting Ami, Yumi and Puffy!

    Right now, I'm spending enjoyable days with even more pleasure added to
    my happy daily life.

    29 September 2002


  2. I heard Hikaru Utada is gonna have a baby too... she got married recently... O_o
    Name: Rock
    Town: Arcadia

  3. i like puffy ami yumi. i went to one of thier shows over the summer. it was pretty nice. never seen so many asian people hopping up and down in my life though.

  4. (J-)Pop blows.
    Shouldn't this be in Music Discussion?
    if ya see a sucker, cut him, donít like perpetrators

  5. should be, but it's not.


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