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Thread: Ikaruga [DC, GC, XBLA, PC]

  1. Ikaruga [DC, GC, XBLA, PC]


    last updated: 2013.10.4

    Hello and welcome to the Official TNL Ikaruga Thread FAQ. Why does a thread on a message board need its own FAQ you may ask? Take a look at this thread, man! It’s huge! At 2,000 posts and counting, the Ikaruga thread at TNL is one of the largest in our board’s history, and quite likely the largest English-language thread devoted to this game on the entire Internet. So we’re quite proud of it.

    At the same time we realize that it’s completely out-of-control, disorganized, and impractical to use. That’s why I’ve gone to the trouble of writing this FAQ to tell you where to find every bit of Ikaruga-related information you need. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for after reading this thread … read it again. If you STILL can’t find what you’re looking for, post a reply to this thread and somebody will help you out. Please do not start additional Ikaruga-related threads; trust me, we don’t need any more.

    So, without further ado…


    Q: What is Ikaruga?

    A: Ikaruga is a 2D vertically-scrolling shooter (or “shmup”) developed by Treasure in 2001. Originally released on the NAOMI arcade platform, it was ported to the Sega Dreamcast in 2002 and the Nintendo GameCube in 2003.

    Q: Oh yeah, Treasure. I’ve heard of them. The editor of this old magazine I used to read, Game-somethingorother, used to gush about them all the time. Where can I learn more about them (Treasure, not the editor)?

    A: Here is their website: Let me also recommend two excellent fansites maintained by members of the TNL staff: SF Kosmo (, and Treasure Gear (


    Q: OK, I’ve got the game and it’s really hard! Where can I find some strategy videos?

    A: Chapter 1 and 2 “superplay” videos are available at Treasure’s website (see above). Chapter 3, 4, and 5 superplays are harder to come by. Kiken, a TNL and frequenter, has several videos available at alamone, a fixture at #shmups on EFNet, sometimes has Ikaruga vids available at his website: There are also a couple people on #shmups that host a number of shmup vids, including Ikaruga vids, on their own Fservs. Visit #shmups or search the forums at for more information.

    There is also a DVD replay video available directly from Treasure with S++ replays for every stage, plus some additional material. It is currently available at several import sites, including National Console Support ( You’ll need a DVD player capable of reading Region 2 DVDs.

    Q: Do you have any helpful gameplay strategies or advice?

    A: Yes we do! Run, don’t walk to the Ikaruga high-score thread on the Guinness board: There’s tons of tips and hints available. Also, if you have any strategy-related questions, please post them in the hi-score thread, NOT the thread in Gaming Discussion.

    Q: Do you have any high score competitions? I want to see how my scores compare to others.

    A: Sure do! Check out the link above.

    (story questions, translations, etc.)

    Q: Where can I find a translation of Ikaruga’s story? I sure wish I knew what was going on.

    A: Your best bet these days is to pick up the US Gamecube release, which will have a fully translated storyline. If you have an import version of Ikaruga, try this:

    Q: Is the Gamecube port going to be released in the US?

    A: It sure is! It was released April 15, 2003.

    Q: Ikaruga has some gorgeous art design. Who did the artwork, and where can I find out more about this artist?

    A: Yasushi Suzuki (a.k.a. E-Suzuki) did the character design. He’s been with Treasure for a few years now. His other big project was Sin and Punishment.

    Q: Where can I find some wallpapers, or some additional art from E-Suzuki?

    A: First, pop your Dreamcast Ikaruga GD-ROM into your computer. There are several wallpapers you can copy straight from the disc. There are some other wallpapers on Treasure’s website (see above), or you can check out E-Suzuki’s website at There is also a considerable amount of Ikaruga concept art in the “Gallery” in both the DC and GC versions of the game.


    Q: Does the GameCube version have Tate mode?

    A: Yes, both the US and Japanese GameCube releases have Tate mode.

    Q: What the hell is Tate mode?

    A: “Tate” is shooter lingo for “vertical screen display mode.” Many shooters are designed to be played on a vertically-oriented screen (i.e. one that is taller than it is wide), and Ikaruga is one of those shooters. Tate mode allows you to flip the orientation of your screen so you can turn your television on its side and play the game just like you would in the arcade, without those ugly letterboxes.

    Q: OK fine, but why is it called “Tate”? Is it named after Tate Donovan or something?

    A: “Tate” is a Japanese word referring to the orientation of a picture frame. Check out this helpful website about Japanese prints for more info. Here's a relevant excerpt:

    The names for Japanese print sizes are often followed by the word tate-e or yoko-e. Tate-e stands for a print in portrait format and yoko-e for a print in landscape format.
    Thanks to Rob for the link.

    To the best of my knowledge, the term was popularized by DonPachi and DoDonPachi home ports that allowed you to flip the screen vertically, and identified the option as "Tate" in their menus.

    Q: Does the GC version of Ikaruga have any other special features not found in the DC or arcade versions?

    A: Yes. The two principle additions to the GC version are the Conquest and Practice modes. Conquest mode allows you to obtain a password at the end of play, which you can use to transfer your high scores to the world Ikaruga NetRanking page. Now you can compete with players all over the world!

    The other new additions concern the Practice mode. Although the DC version has its own practice mode, in the GC version it has been considerably enhanced. There is now a “slow” mode, which slows down the speed of the game to allow you to practice your chains. You can also practice a section of a level at a time; for example if you just want to focus on that tricky chain at the end of Chapter 1, now you can. The GC version also includes a helpful "Demo" mode in which you can watch an expert player play, in slow motion, through each of the game's levels.

    Additionally, in the US GameCube version, the game’s text has been translated to English, although the in-game Japanese text has been omitted altogether.

    Q: Is Ikaruga coming to Steam?

    A: Possibly! Go to Steam Greenlight, log into your Steam account, and vote for it here.


    Last updated: 2013.10.4


    Just got this in my mailbox, in response to be put on a reservation list for Ikaruga. Read 'em and weep, fellas:

    Hello, yes we will add you to our reservation list for Ikaruga which will be released in May.

    NCS, Inc

    ----- Original Message -----
    Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 2:39 PM
    Subject: Ikaruga for Dreamcast

    I've been hearing rumors that Ikaruga is supposedly shipping for the
    Dreamcast in May. If this is the case, I would appreciate being put on a mailing list and/or preorder list so I can get my hands on an import copy. Thanks!
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  2. I dunno why I'm excited about Ikaruga coming, since I didn't even like Radiant Silvergun...but, hey. It's great news.

  3. I will pre-order NOW!!!! How much did your reservation cost?

  4. Didn't cost anything...I think it's just a list of names for now. Couldn't hurt to put some money down though if they're taking pre-orders (not sure if they are or not).

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    K3V is awesome!

  5. im on the list

    this is really great news.

  6. how much is the game going to cost? thats what i want to know

  7. Can anyone post a direct link to the news on their site? I don't see where they've posted the news about the game.

  8. I just got done writing NCSX an e-mail wanting to be on the preorder list ^_^

  9. #9
    Well, that's my cue then. *presses Send button*

    We'll see what happens.

  10. I called NCS and asked: they took my name and email addy and said they would contact me in mid-May when they start taking orders.
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