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Thread: Ikaruga [DC, GC, XBLA, PC]

  1. Well, there's no offical announcement from Treasure yet. A German website gave a release date for the game (May 30th) on DC. NCS sounds quite sure the game is slated for release and is no longer a rumor. Sam Kennedy of OPM interviewed Treasure's prez a month ago and confirmed Ikaruga is coming to PS2 after Tiny Toons is finished.

    Now to hope this isn't a 5,000 unit deal or only able through D-Direct :P *-neo

  2. Originally posted by MechDeus
    It was confirmed for PS2 a while ago (Check either the latest OPM or my site [link in sig] for the scan of that quote), and was confirmed for DC yesterday.

    Yesterday BTW was my birthday, nice freakin birthday surprise! *-neo

  3. Hell yes. I am now about to e-mail them.

    Ok. Just mailed them.

    Ikaruga... here we come!


  4. Waitwait, is this game going to be import only? Or, is everyone so excited because it's coming here?

  5. Import-only. We're just happy that it's coming to DC (which is easily able to play imports).

  6. Mech- You have some nice scans on your site...

    That Arcadia cover is sick!

  7. Thank you! Those are actually shrunken scans (I took all the ones I had, most had over 1000 pixels in width, and made them all 480 in width, so all are about more then halved in size), so if you'd like some higher quality versions, just ask. I simply did small ones so as to not use up too much bandwidth for most people.

    [edit] That just applies to the March 2002 issue. The older scans were not done by me.

  8. Quick question, Mech- did you order that issue of Arcadia?

    I'd love to order an issue or two of the magazine, but it isn't exactly too easy.

  9. The issue I have (the March one) I won off E-Bay, partially by accident. I thought it was the other issue of Arcadia with Ikaruga in it (with Ikaruga on the cover), so imagine my surprise when I get that issue in February, and it's a March issue with new stuff!

    That issue also came with a gigantic poster of Ikaruga. I couldn't scan the whole thing (it's like 17x44" or something), but here's the small version they show off on the contents page (blown up a bit):

    Also in that issue is some gathering that was done by Capcom for CvSNK, which featured this great picture of a guy done up as Dhalsim!

  10. I sent mine off. I can't wait for this one. Zero Gunner 2 burned up my DC for weeks. I need a new shooter now!


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