Here's your chance Spielberg

Ever wish you could flex your creative muscle by writing the script of a short comedy movie, and then watching it become a reality? The creators of the MMORPG Shadowbane are giving you just that chance. In their "Laugh Out Loud" contest, Wolfpack Studios is asking eager gamers to create a 30 second to 2 minute script of a comedy movie using elements from their upcoming Shadowbane. From the entries received, they will pick their favorite and that winner will have his or her script visualized into an actual movie.

Participants have until May 3 to enter, as winners will be chosen on Friday, May 10. The Grand Prize Winner will receive their work transformed into video, their name in the credits, a beta account of Shadowbane, one Ubi Soft game of the winners discretion, a copy of Shadowbane signed by the developers, and a Shadowbane strategy guide. One Runner Up and three Honorable Mention winners will also be chosen.

For more information on the rules and contest, as well as a submission form, click here to visit the "Laugh Out Loud" contest page.

Combining strategy elements with the traditional role-playing of RPG’s, Shadowbane offers gamers a unique MMORPG experience. Players must deal with city management, army creation, siege warfare, and economic development as they rise through the ranks. Featuring a Dynamic World Model, gamer’s decisions throughout the course of the game will have an affect on the history, politics, and landscape of the world. Shadowbane offers a host of features to facilitate user interaction, such as kill on site lists, grief logs, player locators, and bounty hunting, among others.

In closed beta since February, Shadowbane is set to ship this fall.

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