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Thread: Metroid for NES: Kraid ARRRGGHHH

  1. Metroid for NES: Kraid ARRRGGHHH

    I've been playing Metroid on and off on my old, barely working blinker NES (which is the second NES I've owned, time to get a top loader) and I have finally figured out a short route to Kraid and man, is he tough (And no it's not the decoy Kraid, and man is the Brinstar music cool and moody for 8-bit, Hip Tanaka is the man). I've tried missles which barely touch him and the wave beam works much better but he still eventually aces me.

    Factor in that I have to keep running back and forth killing those pipe fly enemies to fill all four of my energy bars without getting myself killed BEFORE I get to him get the picture. Humbling old school goodness in all its frustration. Anyways, this is the only Metroid I haven't beaten all these years and I'd like to finish it before Prime and Fusion are released. Anyone got any tips on Kraid?

  2. My memory's pretty poor, but I remember the ice beam was a great help freezing Kraid's spikes.

    I can't even remember how I beat him. I think i just went crazy with bombs and got lucky.
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  3. There is an energy tank hidden in the lower right wall of his lair... in the lava pit. It can be a little tricky to get out, IIRC, but it's a great way to replenish your health.

    (The other hidden energy tank is in the ceiling of the third screen after you start the game, right before the big wall you need to use the Maru Mari to get under.)

    Anyway, Kraid shouldn't be THAT had if you have so much health and a wave beam. Just jump his chest shots and dodge the arcing ones. *shrug* Did you beat Ridley yet? Even though he's the second boss, I found him (and always beat him) first.

  4. I always beat Ridley first, too. Ridley is so much easier, and you'll have at least 1 extra energy tank. Before going to Kraid's hideout, have every energy tank in the game except the one on Kraid's screen and possibly the one that you get by going left in Ridley's hideout (I never get this energy tank since I never really need it, and it is WAY out of th way), also have the Varia suit, Screw Attack, and you really only need about 30 missiles (if you've already beaten Ridley, you'll have WAY more than that). I always use the Ice Beam on Kraid, only because I never get the Wave Beam since it's so out of the way, and you'd just have to get the Ice Beam again for Mother Brain's lair. Freeze Kraid's spikes and then just get right up next to him and hit him with missiles. You don't have to freeze all of his spikes, just the top ones so that your missiles can hit him. Kraid really isn't that tough as long as you're powered up enough. I get everything in the game that I'm going to get, then fight him.

  5. Anyway, Kraid shouldn't be THAT had if you have so much health and a wave beam. Just jump his chest shots and dodge the arcing ones. *shrug*
    Ha, easy for you to shrug. :P I was jumping and dodging like a mad man. Anyways I just beat him. And I found the energy tank you mentioned on my own, I then moved on and basically killed him suicide style running into him over and and over and firing missles like crazy. Wish I'd had the ice beam. D'OH. And yeah, Ridley was easy, beat him ages ago. And it's better to get the ice beam again before I get to Mother Brain?

  6. You need the ice beam to kill the Metroids.

    (I would never get the wave beam, either.)

  7. I always simly rolled into a ball and went nuts with the bombs. Of course, it didn't always work, but it did 90% of the time. updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  8. Man metroid, I guess thats my new goal, snag a top loader nes, and a copy of metroid, not that the battery back-up will still work or anything, but still.
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  9. Or password backup, as the case may be.

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    I have no other advice to add other than Hip Tanaka is God.


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