Is it possible to control populaton growth in Tropico?

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The Jazz Singer:
Is there anytime when there is a population boom like with the Babyboomers in this country?

Also, is it possible to implement a population limiting measure like China's Single Baby Policy?

one brow:
Welcome to the forum.

Population growth is relatively fixed, with normal stochastic parameters.  There is no baby boom.  You can get population to increase slightly faster by enacting the edict outlawing birth control.  The fastest way is to keep increasing the number of jobs, and pay people well, which will bring in immagrants.

There are no edicts that decrease popluation growth.  Generally, without immagration the population will increase very slowly anyhow.  YOu can have your soldiers assinate all the firtile women, but that tends to have a negative effect on your popularity.

The Jazz Singer:
Thanks for the quick response.

Is it possible to start a revolution?  Are indentured servents possible?  What about slavery?

one brow:
Since you're in charge, you generally want to avoid revolutions.  They do happen, as do riots and coups.

Everyone is basically a citizen, there are no other levels of citizenship.

You can decrease population by the Like It or Leave It setting in your Immigration Office - also your worst enemies/most dissatisfied will go. One problem can be that your educated unless well paid/fed/housed may scootle off.


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