Settlers 4

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Just purchased the game. Anybody have any thoughts, hints, or tricks?

Chairman Robbo:
don't cross the dotted line unless in force


when your d00ds die, it looks and sound cool  8)

I play Settlers 3, whats 4 like?


I've got it set to easy and I still can't finish one of the missions.

The troops are totally uncontrollable. Just let them get a scent of the enemy and they run off in that direction with no recourse to stop them. Send a group in to eliminate a couple of areas and they scatter going after every possible target. You can forget tactics completely.

This wouldn't be so bad if you started with some parity or separation to give your self buildup time. No dice. The enemy is at your doorstep quickly in numbers that you cannot attempt to get close to. I'm fighting 10 to 1 odds against me with stupid troops!

I've beaten some pretty tough games in my day. Mostly through smarts. You can be a resource wizard and get your butt handed to you at the first mission in the easiest setting.

AI cheats too. It knows and uses everything you do against you and keeps you in the dark literally.

Save your thinning hair and money and get a different game.

Does anyone know a fan site or forum for this? The official one at the manufacturer's site is worse than useless.

Gato Bravo:
Which mission are you doing I gat as far as the Viking senario in the Dark Tribe campaign before I had to uninstal it because of problems.


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