Event Pics

Random images of the "old" E3.
  1. Not sure where I went... lol
  2. Bahn and Burg
  3. The last TNL group picture before E3 went to hell.
  4. Seems E3 hotties always come in pairs.
  5. Teddman excited to be heading to E3
  6. Look, it's Kano on the Phone. ;)
  7. Doesn't she look buzzed?
  8. Some of you may know him as Burgundy.
  9. More random E3 hotties.
  10. No one really cared about what they were selling, naturally...
  11. Diana Kauffman's buddy (I think her name was Lisa...) O_o
  12. Some hottie I ran into at 1up.com's after party.
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