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  1. Interview: TriForce Gamemaster

    Tenacious. Visionary. Misunderstood. Everyone has a different perspective on Isaiah Triforce Johnson, founder and CEO of Empire Arcadia. He founded a small gaming community which was created in 1984 called Video Land. In 1996 he turned his community into a team of players that consist of some the legends we know today i.e. Sanford Kelly, Dieminion, Jeron Grayson and more. Empire Arcadia officially didn't take flight until six years later where he established the brand after changing the team name ...

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  2. Big Brother is in Your Phone, Reading Your SMS. WTF?

    Well this news is disturbing. I am surprised this hasn't been announced sooner. Solution: Bitch about your boss on Skype or AIM...

    The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that employers at public organizations, such as police departments or local governments, have the right to search text messages sent by employees as long as "a legitimate work-related purpose" exists. The ruling was made in connection with a lawsuit filed by a police officer in California who believed the
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  3. MvC3 = OMGWTFBBQ Fighting Awesomeness

    Nothing else needs to be said. This game is going to sell like crazy on Day One.
  4. SSFIV Tourney Mode = Major Disappointment.

    So after weeks of waiting, Capcom released the free DLC for Super SFIV and it turns out to be total crap. When it was first announced, I predicted the Tournament Mode would offer a lot more substance. Instead, we get a poor man's version of Endless Battle where the true distinguishing feature is the trophy .jpeg offered to the victor.

    Whoopee. No achievement. No leaderboards. Just a virtual pat on the back for becoming the king of the hill.

    I feel they put as much ...

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  5. Something, Something, Something New Stuff

    Sadly, yours truly, Nick and most of the usual crew that attend E3 aren't actually flying out to the sunny state. We've literally got a skeleton crew going in our place, consisting of Shidoshi, James and Raz. I wish them the best since they're more or less going "appointment free".

    In a way, it's sort of liberating as I get to kick back and watch other people scramble around with their laptops to keep the gamers back home abreast of what's to come. I am only interested in ...
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