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  1. GohanX's Avatar
    I was thinking, I used to work in retail, and not all customers are assholes, just 90% of them. Then I realized, I buy shit from SSJN from time to time, and I am, in fact, an asshole. SSJN is right.
  2. Anthony's Avatar
    I'm glad I worked retail, it puts a new perspective on people.
  3. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    Tones, that is my best negotiating tactic, because I don't negotiate.
    It goes like this.
    "I'll give you $20"
    "C'mon man, give me $25. It's only $5 more!" I pause and wrinkle my forehead as if in great internal debate.
    "How about $15, it's ONLY $5 less!" A forlorn expression makes it way across the rube's face.
    "Aight, give me the $20."

    Works every time.
  4. StriderKyo's Avatar
    I have never worked retail. It is one of my life's greatest accomplishments.
  5. Tones's Avatar
    I love when people take one last drag before entering a building, mustering every bit of inhalation that their pathetic lungs can endure, just to exhale on the other side of the door, contaminating the air with their toxic breath.

    Next time they start their "I really need the money!" lecture, try lowering your offer. Hey, if they need the money so badly, they'll take anything!
  6. Revoltor's Avatar
    It's never too late to start looking for a better job/life.

    Great headline btw
  7. Wildkat's Avatar
    I have had quite a few people finish thier temper tantrums just outside the door. Its rather amusing. I only wish I had a camera with sound just outside the door....

    Which I am doing when we move in a month or two.
  8. James's Avatar
    Do you work your shift alone? Because I always found that when I was working with someone, that kind of customer was comedy gold. Even working alone, all that managed to pull from me was a "Meh, whatever". They're too dumb and self-involved to get annoyed about.
  9. Melf's Avatar
    I'm bringing you my copy of Stretch Panic, and I want $40, no less!
  10. Fe 26's Avatar
    I'm glad I live in Mississippi where cancer is still kind of cheap
  11. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    too dumb and too old for anything else.
  12. Compass's Avatar
    Retail is horrible. Why are you still doing it.
  13. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    Of course wah. Isn't that what blogs are for?
  14. Yoshi's Avatar
    If I am ever in the area, I'm totally going to re-enact this.
  15. Razor Ramon's Avatar
  16. Compass's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki
    Right now there are about 8 kids playing "football" loudly RIGHT outside my window right now while their dad is complete with such awesome phrases such as "what kind of a FUCKING PASS WAS THAT? ARE YOU A LITTLE PUSSY?" etc., etc. I really hate children and their parents right now.
    I have neighbors like that. And they're always outside. Always. I'm convinced they get locked out of their house years ago.

    Couple days ago I was more annoyed than usual for some reason. Opened all the windows and *cranked* "Mutilate the Stillborn" by Necrophagist. It was SO LOUD. I didn't even know my stereo went that loud. I actually scared myself a little. I let the whole album play through. It did nothing of course save make me feel a little better.
  17. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Fuck your apple?
  18. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    That is true, but that's an orange to my apple.
  19. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Me not giving a fuck about what another person thinks of me is different than not respecting them. I wouldn't fuck with someone because I don't know the person but I won't change who I am either.
  20. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    I think it has more to do with a general lack of respect for those around you than getting beat.
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