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  1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Getting beat by my parents made me an asshole. I don't think it works that well.
  2. Finch's Avatar
    Why are you telling yourself to go fuck yourself? It's very rude.

    I used to get belt beatings. It's why i was hesitant to do shit like go nuts in stores.
  3. Pineapple's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple
    I have nothing intelligent to add here.
    Go fuck yourself shithead.
  4. Rated E's Avatar
    I was beat with belts, shoes, and threatened with hangers growing up, and I was even a good kid. I agree with everything you've said, especially the part about parents just wanting to be their kids friends and not knowing the first thing about discipline. But yeah, I've seen kids fucking destroy things in stores and parents don't do shit, it's infuriating.
  5. Fe 26's Avatar
    There have always been kids like this.

    You probably had good parents and went to a pretty good school and were never exposed to it.

    I'm a fucking tool.
  6. kingoffighters's Avatar
    I love Bill Cosby's line best.

    "I brought you to this world and I can take you out."
  7. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    Time Out!
  8. Dyne's Avatar
    Real parenting isn't allowed anymore. You touch a kid, you go to jail. You yell at them, they get taken away.
  9. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    They don't fear their parents because there's nothing to fear. Assholes worry too much about being their kids friends. You can be their play pals up to a point but you got to know where to draw the line.
  10. Tones's Avatar
    It is the simple result of children not fearing their parents.
  11. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    I find these pieces you write both insightful and incredibly entertaining.
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  12. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Retail is tough, you get to see the shitty side of humanity on a daily basis. 95% of bad children are bad because of shitty parents.

    I guarantee that if Melody tears down your store, that's because I told her to.
  13. Shooting Love's Avatar
    oh, and Obama.
    It is surely his fault too. The parents act like that because there is a colored man in the white house.
  14. Shooting Love's Avatar
    I blame it on Gamestop.
    They've degraded videogame shopping down to the level of a flea market free for all.
  15. Pineapple's Avatar
    I have nothing intelligent to add here.
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  16. Finch's Avatar
    Kids are fun except when they start dog piling me because i don't get mad. It's not the kids' fault if their parents are hateful, negligent, and abusive dirt bags who cover up their own shame by acting like its someone else's fault they have a kid.
  17. Dyne's Avatar
    Don't work retail.

    I do agree that most people should not be allowed to breed.
  18. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Children are evil.
  19. Satsuki's Avatar
    Right now there are about 8 kids playing "football" loudly RIGHT outside my window right now while their dad is complete with such awesome phrases such as "what kind of a FUCKING PASS WAS THAT? ARE YOU A LITTLE PUSSY?" etc., etc. I really hate children and their parents right now.
  20. Geen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX
    I think this should be a new reality TV series.
    I'd watch it.
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