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    I felt a little feisty this morning, so I hit the sign and opened up 10 minutes early.
    The first customer of the day is usually a good indication of how the day is going to go. Is there a crackhead looking bastard itching (literally) to get inside? Today is going to be pay out after pay out. Soccer mom drinking her Dunkin Donuts in her minivan? We might have some sales. Ten year old kid with a backpack full of games and a system? The cops will be by later.
    Today it was a dude ...
  2. More Hunts, More Thrills.

    I didn't hit up many places this week and I struck out at the few that I did.
    I went to Oswego to check out the couple of pawn shops that I was aware of. I never have much luck out there which always struck me as odd. It's a college town. Students are always buying shit they can't afford and then selling it for pot. It should be a gold mine.

    My luck did not change. I got a couple cheap psp and ds games cib, but all the older stuff was damn near non existent or way over ...

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  3. The Hill of the Thrunt

    Today was an O-K day.
    I decided to hit Clay/North Syracuse and DeWitt/East Syracuse.
    The first place I stopped was K-mart in Fulton. There was a small blurb in the ad about clearance games being buy one, get one 40% off.
    They didn't have much of anything. This Kmart is hit or miss with me. Fulton is a small city and there's a super walmart, which is where most people go. Kmart is usually a ghost town.
    The employees rarely keep up with the markdowns, which is good ...

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  4. The Thrill of the Hunt

    I'm going to shift the focus of this blog. I gotta be honest, there is only so much I can bitch about concerning videogame retail. It's the same stuff, different day every day. The faces change, but the stories are all the same. Hence the whole nine posts since this started.

    So instead, I'm going to share my shopping experiences. You are so interested, ADMIT IT!
    Most of what I sell is from trade ins or clearance sales. But a small part of it comes from me hitting up ...

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  5. Excitebike Is Such a Shit Game

    I just had to share this. My nerd rage is off the chart.
    There was a group of three guys in here, I'd say in their late teens early twenties. They're all looking at N64 games. One of them wants to buy A Bug's Life because his girlfriend liked it and Bomberman Hero because Bomberman is the greatest ever. While I can't disagree with the overall sentiment of Bomberman being the fairly great, his reign of greatness ended on the SNES.
    Anyway, they see Excitebike 64 and the rest goes ...
  6. Out Nerding the Nerd

    You can take it for granted that I hate most customers. Ok, all customers.
    But the ones that I hate the most, the ones that I'd love to shove my arm down their throat, grab hold of their raisinet balls and rip them out through their mouths? The goddamn game nerds.
    They're all the same, and they're all the worst. They always come in in pairs. They're like the goddamn Sith of video game retail. There is Super Nerd who makes sure to point out all the "interesting" facts ...

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    There's a common misconception concerning me going around the community I work in. No, not the racism stuff, that is true. No, I am referring to the idea that I hate kids. I don't hate kids. I love kids (w'sup Mzo, Shine). I have friends who are kids. I do hate the "parents" of most kids that come into the shop though. I put that in quotes because I think parents is a misnomer for these people. From what I can tell, there isn't any parenting going on.

    I'm going to ...
  8. Y'all Got Cash?

    Ah Summer Time!
    How I loathe thee.
    Summer means the stinky people that frequent the store are even stinkier.

    Summer means the greasy people that frequent the store are even greasier. Seriously. Usually I only have to wipe down the glass showcases at the end of the day. But if the temperature outside hits anywhere higher than 72 then the glass looks like someone smeared Vaseline all over it within minutes of opening the door.

    Summer means everyone has ...

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  9. Y'all Got Them New Xbaks?

    The phone rings.
    I muster up all the possible enthusiasm that I can and answer with a dead pan monotone, "Game Craze"
    "Yo! Y'all got them new xbaks?"
    "The one that was just announced that it is shipping to retailers and will be available by the end of the week?"
    "Nah man! They just said it's out today"
    "Nah man. They just announced that it is shipping to retailers and will be available by the end of the week." ...

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  10. Post Coital

    I've never seen the reason to have these things. Most people just are not that interesting, and have nothing interesting to share unless they heard/read it from some other far more interesting source.
    But we all want to be noticed.
    We all want attention. Especially those of us who say we don't.
    The only things even remotely interesting about my everyday life are the people who frequent the game shop I work at.
    So I plan on filling this space with pictures and anecdotes ...
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