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  1. Excitebike Is Such a Shit Game

    I just had to share this. My nerd rage is off the chart.
    There was a group of three guys in here, I'd say in their late teens early twenties. They're all looking at N64 games. One of them wants to buy A Bug's Life because his girlfriend liked it and Bomberman Hero because Bomberman is the greatest ever. While I can't disagree with the overall sentiment of Bomberman being the fairly great, his reign of greatness ended on the SNES.
    Anyway, they see Excitebike 64 and the rest goes ...
  2. Christmas Spirit

    The nicest thing about the Christmas season is that it's about the only time of year I get to see females who aren't complete hags.
    98% of my customer base is male. The remaining 2% are either nerd emo girls who wear way too much make up and eat way too many Twilight emblazoned candy bars or they are haggard neighborhood moms with about a hundred miles of bad highway running down their hollow faces. I know there are hot moms out there, but they must all go to the mall locations 11 months ...

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