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Post Coital

  1. A Return To The Old Form

    I found a few things at a flea on Sunday, I've just been too lazy to capture their images and post.
    In the meantime, this just happened.

    A pair of teenage boys were coming into the store and dragging their bikes with them.
    "I'm sorry, you can't bring them in here. This is a store, not a garage."
    I hear one of the boys mumble something and then the other one said, "This FUCKING guy, I'm not getting my fucking bike stolen".
    They ...

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  2. More Hunts, More Thrills.

    I didn't hit up many places this week and I struck out at the few that I did.
    I went to Oswego to check out the couple of pawn shops that I was aware of. I never have much luck out there which always struck me as odd. It's a college town. Students are always buying shit they can't afford and then selling it for pot. It should be a gold mine.

    My luck did not change. I got a couple cheap psp and ds games cib, but all the older stuff was damn near non existent or way over ...

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  3. The Hill of the Thrunt

    Today was an O-K day.
    I decided to hit Clay/North Syracuse and DeWitt/East Syracuse.
    The first place I stopped was K-mart in Fulton. There was a small blurb in the ad about clearance games being buy one, get one 40% off.
    They didn't have much of anything. This Kmart is hit or miss with me. Fulton is a small city and there's a super walmart, which is where most people go. Kmart is usually a ghost town.
    The employees rarely keep up with the markdowns, which is good ...

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  4. The Thrill of the Hunt

    I'm going to shift the focus of this blog. I gotta be honest, there is only so much I can bitch about concerning videogame retail. It's the same stuff, different day every day. The faces change, but the stories are all the same. Hence the whole nine posts since this started.

    So instead, I'm going to share my shopping experiences. You are so interested, ADMIT IT!
    Most of what I sell is from trade ins or clearance sales. But a small part of it comes from me hitting up ...

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