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  1. Super-Eggroll's Avatar
    LOL! I've been clearing out some stuff and throwing things onto eBay and I came across a box of old magazines I thought I had thrown in the trash 5 years ago (I must've dug them back out in my sleep). Very funny to read all the wild speculation on the "Ultra 64" and items of interest back then. I'm sure it'll be just as hilarious to read about the Nintendo 3DS 10 years from now when we have holodecks.
  2. Satsuki's Avatar
    yeah, i think it would benefit magazines a lot if they still gave away dumb throaway things like that. I will buy magazines just if I like the freebies.
  3. gamevet's Avatar
    I still have those PSM issues stored away somewhere. I have a playstation Memory card that has an Ogre Battle sticker that came with an issue of PSM. Those stickers were pretty cool!
  4. kingoffighters's Avatar
    I remember that Resident Evil 1 sticker.
  5. Fe 26's Avatar
  6. Opaque's Avatar
    Way to ruin our streak of no blogs since last year.

    Those magazines are rad though.
  7. Satsuki's Avatar
    and last!

    Castlevania SOTN Maps

    More awkward fanart

    And as an added bonus...they had an issue of Play from 2008, with a Persona 3 writeup from...

  8. Satsuki's Avatar
    Second half!

    PSM #2

    Resident Evil sticker

    Fanboy speculation

    SF EX plus preview
  9. Satsuki's Avatar
    i'm thinking something like this...
  10. Gymkata's Avatar
    You know you could girl up whatever you get. My friend has seen the most estrogen, girled up thing ever and that was her droid phone. Get you some bedazzler, John Stamos wallpaper, and Twilight stickers or whatever you girls are into these days. You kin doo eet.
  11. Satsuki's Avatar
    hahah i'm not getting a droid...simply because i don't really think it's marketed toward me? i don't really dig on the look and feel of it, it's very "guyish" to me. this is ok of course, for a dude!
    the HTC evo actually doesn't look so bad as far as smartphones go. I mean, if this is too much of a hassle to deal with at&t and their crappy crap, i will have to go with another option. I'm pretty set on an iPhone, but i am not set on all these hoops i'm having to go through to get one.
  12. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    I like my iPhone. I can't imagine living without it.
  13. Finch's Avatar
    I was going to say HTC Evo 4G. It's a very nice phone-like device! Apple has a particular way of defecating in its customers' faces and expecting thanks for it that rubs me the wrong way. I will always use a Mac, but fuck Apple and its shitty attitude.
    Good job and keep avoiding the credit card game, Satsuki. It's a nasty path.
  14. kingoffighters's Avatar
    should have went with a droid
  15. Satsuki's Avatar
    Pineapple - awww thank you. It's ok, I found out yesterday that the boyfriend gets some ridiculous discount on 3GS through his work, so I figure I'll save the extra cash.
    Dunlap - I totally agree, I kind of wish I would have...I was just so fed up at that point with lame service that I needed to go chill out.
  16. Dunlap's Avatar
    Should've bought the phone at the Apple store, no need to let the guy piss you off AND keep you from your new toy.
  17. Pineapple's Avatar
    Dude, I sell them over the phone, and we have them in stock. Why the hell wouldn't you just gimme a call?!?!? FOR REALS I'LL BE THERE ALL DAY TOMORROW!!!!
  18. Satsuki's Avatar
    IP- well, yeah. I'm kind of a cunt in general...but I feel like I know art so damn well, and have poured so many hundreds of thousands of dollars into education, materials, schooling, etc (and will continue to do so, because I plan to go back to an art school eventually for a masters degree) that I can afford to be cuntish to someone who just uses their leisure time to draw anime guys in OpenCanvas. Like I said, I can like said picture of anime guys - but that artist has nothing to offer me. I would say one of the only exceptions that i consistently break in the art vs. money game is that I am a huge graffiti enthusiast and every tagger or street artist I meet is putting his or her life on the line constantly for their art, so if they don't make a fucking dime I still respect the shit out of them. That's sort of a different vein for a different blog, though. art wank: what I know best.

    and thanks for the bday wishes, dudes....I'll try and get a thread together of artwork to show off. I've been working on a series of "sad girls in space" illustrations when that's going well i'll post some. also I'll try and blog here and there with some vaguely interesting things.
  19. bahn's Avatar
    Sats, you must post more blogs! That is all.
  20. Dunlap's Avatar
    Happy bidet! Why don't you post some art in the art forum?
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