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  1. AD 001.

    I am hoping to get AD post 001 done and up soon. Personal, but aren't all blogs..., and I hope it will be depressing, illuminating or, at the very least, a cautionary tale.
  2. 002

    SRS Question. How porno and brutalle can I get in this?

    How much cursing and fucking can I drop?
  3. 001

    Fotunately (un?) for you, I have discovered that TNL has a blog. I've been neglecting TNL and, I want you all to know it's not because that the old guard is #2--or even #1 for that matter--it's because most of the time, when I lurk, it's filled with new tards I don't know posting about shit I don't care about.

    In any event. I feel like writing, and have a few topics in mind, but seeing how I am drawing a blank on what to bust out, I'll leave it open to suggestions.

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