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  1. Joust Williams's Avatar
    game over yeah
  2. Andrew's Avatar
    Countdown clock or GTFO.
  3. Doc Holliday's Avatar
  4. MVS's Avatar
    I take my cues from videogames. Soon, I shall announce the announcement of an announcement.
  5. PaCrappa's Avatar
    So then this blog entry is merely promotion for some future blog entry? Fuck, awesome.
  6. kingoffighters's Avatar
  7. FirstBlood's Avatar
    I'm sure Nick would be okay with a little X-Com erotic fan fiction.
  8. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    How about keeping civil, you old hat?
  9. dog$'s Avatar
    Seeing as how this is viewable by the general public I would think that the rules as applicable to Sound Off (and not Fight Club) apply here.

    Oh but make sure you check a category for your blog posts (though I haven't seen Nick bitch about that lately so maybe it doesn't matter? he's edited it in for a few people a few times before).
  10. Melf's Avatar
    Your mom.
  11. Diff-chan's Avatar
    Mortal Kombat
  12. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    FHUTA on the first date? Or in the bathroom when you first meet?
  13. Bacon McShig's Avatar
    I can't even make sense of your second sentence there. Request: Diagram that sentence. logo