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    Thanks, dog$. Now I've got a new record- 4,829,025.
    Tried again last night. Was sure I'd get 5M, but the RNG failed me in the Jackpot room. Only 1.128M that time, ending with 4.76M. Bummer.
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    Well done. Game is no joke.
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    April Fools'.

    That aside, I wish that these were really a thing. First, it would've been cool to have a SNK counterpart to MVC out there.

    An arcade version of Rolling Thunder 3 would've been great... with the Genesis version I missed having the 2 player co-op, which would've been easily done with Namco System 2.

    On Genesis, it seems like they may have tried to keep 2P mode in, since they had Ellen in the game. I guess the enhanced graphics of RT3 (compared to Gen RT2) may have taxed the Genesis enough to forbid 2 player action without major slowdown, leading them to design it as a solo-only game. In a 2 player game of Gen RT2, I once caused a rare case of slowdown by going batshit with the Shot laser.
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    Is this real? I can't find anything about the DC vs. SNK thing...
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    I've seen a video on YT of someone doing 11 shots a second with the handgun and doing 219 hits to the 4th stage boss on the first part. A commenter on Youtube confirms that the machine gun ROF is 10 rps. Really Namco? What a joke, when the TC4 MG does 15 rps.

    I bet this player doesn't use any MG during the S4 boss battle.
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    Yep, done that. My best ATM is 4.4 M, with one continue. I think I'll at least be able to do a 5M 1CC soon.

    Worth checking out, and definitely better than the original 3-stage version. Just hoping that TC6 introduces some brand new villains to join Wild Dog (sure he'll be back, it wouldn't be Time Crisis without him), keeps the double-pedal system, and is a bit longer.

    Maybe for a PS4 version, Namco could also throw in a remastered Project Titan using TC5's engine.
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    Have you played this game yet?

    I think there's a unit at the arcade which I visit but I just walk right past it.
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    The 1H2B (1 head hit, then 2 extra hits on the body) method from Time Crisis II, TC3, and TC4 does not carry over to TC5. If you hit an enemy with a head shot, that's it- move on to the next target.
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    I don't recommend going for headshots against the zombies in area 5-1. Three handgun shots will take one down, so just triple-tap. You could really butcher your accuracy by going for a HS and missing. Three shots, three hits = better accuracy. If your rate of fire is good, I can see this being faster.

    You should only care much about headshots during the Sniper event. There, it's important if you want to avoid falling below an A rank (need 25,000 pts or higher) or being spotted. If Robert or Cathy say "Move it!" your next hit better be a kill. You have 5 seconds but the sniper rifle has a long delay between shots.

    In the TM edition you always can start from either side, regardless of where it tells you to start from. Sometimes it's better to start from the opposite cover. Playing as Luke and getting ready to fight the HACS in 2-2? It will say "Start from right cover". THINK FOR YOURSELF! Get the left pedal down so you're ready to go to work on the HACS' fuel tank when ACTION is called. Just ignore the soldier who is standing near the HACS. He will die once you have taken the HACS out.

    The machine gun's magazine cap is 180. During the battle with Keith in 4-3, find a time to dump on him with whatever machine gun ammo you have left. When you're going to do this, deplete the colored portion of his lifebar, then switch to MG. Spray, spray, spray until it's all gone and just don't hit Robert. I think the scene after Robert tries to run Keith down with the forklift is a good chance for that.
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    HOW TO AVOID DAMAGE IN LAST PART OF STAGE 1 AREA 1 (Playing as left player, Luke)
    In stage 1 area 1's final section, it's extremely easy to lose a life. Despite the game saying "start from left cover" I think it's better to begin in right cover, because this lines you up with the red propane tanks. Set these off and be ready. There will be 2 enemies approaching Wild Dog from the right. A red soldier will run up beside him and stop to fire. Try to take him down before he can shoot. And soon after that, there's a dark blue "ninja" soldier with a machine gun who will go past Wild Dog, running and firing the MG if left standing. This SOB can be highly annoying. Once he appears, spray him til he drops. Your hits should stun him and keep him from getting off a shot.
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    The hard mode is not really that much harder, if at all. When you go into this after finishing the normal game, you start it with the number of lives you had at that point (not necessarily 3).

    Guns on TC5 use an internal recoil system, rather than what TC4 has. The recoil is neither as strong nor as clicky as TC4, but it's still satisfactory.

    On stage 2's chopper battle, try to rack up high combo counts especially in area 1. 150 hits isn't bad. Rhythmic firing in bursts rather than just "keeping that trigger squeezed" can be helpful on tanks and helicopters to keep a chain going.
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    Once upon a time, Nick demanded us to have our posts categorized but I suppose that's not a big concern at the moment.
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    Thanks, YellerDog & Pineapple.
    Giga Wing 1's final boss is actually tougher than this one's. Thinking back, I probably should have spent those 2 bombs remaining at the last boss to take it down sooner for more time bonus.

    GWG is an underrated game- the TypeX version beats the PS2 one definitely.

    A Japanese record score I know of is 3781京 (37 Quintillion+) and it probably stands as the world record ATM. Looks like I've got more work to do on this one.
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    Wow this game looks intense, I barely understand what's going on through most of that. Very entertaining to watch though, I enjoy watching people plow through this kind of thing because it lets me see the way the game should/can be played. Thumbs up to you goD!
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    You make that dumb game look easy! logo