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    arent i confusing?
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    shadowbane will be coming back at some point in the future, . i'll drop you a line when it does opaque so you can get addicted to something again. but yeah... sometimes it feels great to let go of these things
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    More so pointing out how even if you milk every possible thing that game has in it, there's really not enough there to make it worth your time anymore.
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    I was going to come in here and congratulate you, but did you actually spend 80% of your I'm quitting post bragging about Wow?
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    Ok. Let's see if you pick up the goddamn phone the next time I call.
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    Everything in moderation. I won't ever delete my characters because I'm not ashamed of any time I put into this game. I have a job, am in good health, and engage in a fruitful social life. My accomplishments in this game are in line with the time I assign to video games to begin with.

    More than half the fun of WoW is playing with the folks in RF anyway. It's a great combination. The game acts as an entertaining glue to keep us together when otherwise the distance and non-community nature of some games would separate us, and the game itself is a terrifying grind fest full of elitist jew kid pricks unless you have the right people playing with you.
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    I can't find a nerds.jpg big enough to fit this blog.
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    I don't think I'd ever delete my characters, but whatever works for you I guess!
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    I never got into WoW, but watching you play Halo was like watching a ballet.
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    To be fair they could undelete the toon in a few days if I ever wanted it back; and there is no time limit to do that, any character over level 60 is saved forever on their end. It's more that when I decided to stop playing having the character there would just be temptation to sign on AFK in Dal or some stupid shit. Deleting an 80, just like canceling a subscription, are both temporary things meant to be combined into a more permanent thing.

    Also, yeah Curtis I had been ranking in the top 10 for Spriests in the Us for a while but I finally set a world #1 last week, being the first spriest anywhere to do 18k on heroic Marrowgar. I think parses and rankings were the last thing holding me to this game, once I had that I just didn't have anything to go for anymore.
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    Good to see you getting out, Brett, and for the right reasons this time. I felt just like you at the end of BC but went on in Wrath anyway. Dumb move.

    Also I didn't know you finally topped a world record - grats! You'd been getting close for a long while. And never, ever speak of the plagued proto again. That night + Immortal were the two most difficult runs I'd ever been a part of. I mean genuinely difficult, not that Ulduar/ToC bullshit where the fight is easy but people couldn't get their shit together until they outgeared it.

    Also, yeah, sell her, don't delete her. Like Dave said, if you're sure you're not playing again, the character has way too much valuable shit on it for you to not get some kind of kickback for time spent.

    Take care, dude.
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    Also: Loremaster Dahvae - eat shit
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    Why delete the character? Now if you ever decide to play another expac - you're going to have to start from scratch. Fuck, at least sell the thing if you're 100% sure you're never going to play again.
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    I fully support and congratulate your decision.

    World of Warcraft always has been and always will be a pile of shit.
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    He says he would hop out of the van, but I don't think with that weight he could really hop.
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    And now you know why we do what we do in the WoW thread. logo