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  1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Rated E: I used to see it on the side. Sweet that we have it for news, but blogs were pretty visible there. I thought these blogs were gone for good.

    Korian: Blog these.

    Josh is right.
  2. dog$'s Avatar
    There is no direct link to the blogs on the mobile or the featherweight style, and if you do view the blogs in those styles, the formatting is completely shot.
  3. YellerDog's Avatar
    This is a good blog.
  4. Josh's Avatar
    sounds buried to me.
  5. Rated E's Avatar
    But Razor, it's in the navigation bar at the top of the page!
  6. Korian's Avatar
    Sorry this really isn't a blog.
  7. Korian's Avatar
    Stop what?
  8. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Stop it.
  9. Korian's Avatar
    I'll be blogging soon.
  10. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    Have you talked to Josef Fritzl?
  11. arjue's Avatar
    Have a daughter and raise her that way.
  12. Satsuki's Avatar
    Brainwashing? Clockwork Orange style?
  13. Bacon McShig's Avatar
    shoooorty and the ez mouse
  14. dog$'s Avatar
    radical rebel with the need to bomba
  15. Mzo's Avatar
    causing much mayhem dropping drama
  16. Mzo's Avatar
    causing much mayhem dropping drama
  17. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    I have my reasons. Mostly for the lulz.
  18. StriderKyo's Avatar
    BTW - what the fuck are you trying to do here? Is this like an S&M thing or a Silence of the Lambs thing?
  19. Fe 26's Avatar
    what, marriage isn't real, honest to god, imprisonment?

    Yoshi makes it sound like it is
  20. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26
    Marry her. Then get her to be a devout christian that does not believe in divorce.

    also helps if you talk her out of higher education and have some kids with her. By the time they grow up, she will have zero marketable job skills and have to still stay with you.
    I do not believe Ramon was speaking figuratively.
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