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    I just looked at some of my old blogs. I've gotten anywhere from a couple hundred to four thousand views. That can't be unique IPs right? It's just the same asshole refreshing to see if someone responded to their stupid comments, right? I never thought anyone really looked at these things.
  2. Rated E's Avatar
    No I'm just being rude and annoying. And you are healthy.
  3. Finch's Avatar
    Is that what you got out of that?
  4. Rated E's Avatar
    He's a healthy guy, folks.
  5. dog$'s Avatar
    Your last article about bikes has received more than 2000 views as of this moment.

    You seemed to touch a nerve about fixies. That or you just offer a good view about bikes!
  6. dog$'s Avatar
    Well done.
  7. Finch's Avatar
    Fixed gear bikes have a gear that spins with the wheel, so you're always pedaling. You can't coast like on a freewheel bike, but with practice you can lock up the rear wheel and skid or skip. Some people don't care for it, but some people (like myself) prefer it!
  8. Vasteel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams
    what is a fixie
    Fixed-gear bicycle.

    And fixies rock, even though I prefer freewheels.
  9. Joust Williams's Avatar
    what is a fixie
  10. FirstBlood's Avatar
    He knows how to ride a BMX up the wrong side of the street, I'm sure.
  11. Finch's Avatar
    Thanks for the input! I'll be sure to shit up your blogs in the future!
  12. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    I know how to ride your mom.
  13. Finch's Avatar
    Razor, you don't even know how to ride a bike!
  14. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Fixies do suck. It's annoying to always be peddling. A multi-speed bike would be much better.
  15. Calliander's Avatar
    I had a fixie and sold it because it's annoying. What was great was I paid $150 for it on Craigslist and then some guy was like, "OH DUDE, I'LL TOTALLY BUY THAT OFF YOU FOR $250!" I hope he thinks he was scamming me.
  16. Tones's Avatar
    I think it's just some closet envy going on. Perhaps some people are frustrated that what they do isn't hip enough to be in the limelight. I think that hipsters are the equivalent of skateboarders of 10-15 years ago: A plank of wood on tiny wheels that are upset by an eighth inch pebble, just begging for the rider to be thrown off and break his balls.
  17. FirstBlood's Avatar
    Honestly, I don't have anything against fixies but they're an undeniable fad among a certain group of people that tend to be pretty undesirable.

    I really do love the people that don't understand how they work at all, as if you can't control how fast you're going downhill. Pedal clipping does sound awful though, I've become far too accustomed to raising the inside pedal to deal with that.

    bottom line: there's a lot of people forgoing gears for the sake of fashion versus the feel, which is where most of the hate comes from. *shrug* All I know is my R700 climbs like a DREAM /flex
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  18. Fe 26's Avatar
    maybe they hate the fixie becuase those who ride the fixie care so much about it being a fixie?

    America hates caring. Hating caring is the new black.
  19. kingoffighters's Avatar
    I don't even know what a fixie is.
  20. Rated E's Avatar
    I'm not going to read that big ugly block of text.
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