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  1. Where to next?

    Long story short, I am waiting to hear back about a job at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Notification about acceptance to said job is supposed to be by November 26, and I have yet to be contacted about an interview, so i am starting to fear I may not have gotten the job. Though I may be a little premature in my doubt and fear, I am beginning to feel the stress of trying to figure out exactly what am I going to do with my life next.

    Ok, so not so much long story short, but I ...
  2. Photography Lessons With ElCapichan: Your Camera's Dynamic Range

    Today's Lesson: Determining the dynamic range of your camera's sensor and using that to get a better exposure

    I am out of town away from my camera for the weekend, and while perusing the latest issue of outdoor photographer, I came across an interesting article on determining the dynamic range capabilities of your camera to help you better determine the proper exposure without spending a lot of time with trial and error or relying to heavily on your camera's metering system. Unfortunately, ...

    Updated 12 Sep 2010 at 01:39 AM by ElCapichan

  3. Photography Lessons With ElCapichan: Milky Way

    Today’s Lesson: Photographing the Milky Way

    Probably one of the coolest aspects of photographing the Milky Way, or really just any part of the night sky, is seeing just how many stars are up there that we cannot see with the naked eye. Even at an elevation of 10,000 feet and far from any major cities, it can be difficult to find the the Milky Way until your eyes have fully adjusted to the dark after some time. There are 2 main ways to photograph the Milky Way. The first, and best ...

    Updated 12 Sep 2010 at 01:48 AM by ElCapichan

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  4. Photography Lessons With ElCapichan

    Today's lesson: Star Trail Photography

    I was introduced to star trail photography back in November. I had seen it before but never gave it any thought and didn't even really connect what it was. I stumbled about a website that explained the process and immediately became intrigued and decided I would try it for myself while on my road trip out west. Star Trail photography can be tricky, and by that, I mean that just about no 2 websites has the same information on shutter speed, aperture, ...

    Updated 06 Sep 2010 at 10:45 PM by ElCapichan

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