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    I just might!

    No more NHL though...
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    Just do it.
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    Lol pretty much, cept I went to work and then I got tired and stoned.
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    Mike, did you take today off to drop truthbombs all over TNL?
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    You'll be much more interesting as some schmuck who spent 3-6 months taking photos in Yellowstone living out of a backpack than as some schmuck with a job.
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    You should go to Yellowstone anyway. Fuck the job. Do it.
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    Images aren't working.
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    Test Shots

    Here are a couple of test shots I took with my 5D MkII. With my 5D MkII, I determined I could shoot either 3 stops over or under and still have a usable image. With just some basic RAW work using Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, and Brightness, I was able to get the images looking similar to those shot for the midtone exposure. The color was a little off, but with some more work, it would be possible to get the color to match even more. Even without getting the color to match perfectly, they still looked good. I found I could go another 3rd of stop over and under, but the image started to deteriorate. It could be usable if you absolutely had no other way to get the photo.

    EDIT: Photos down. Will be back up shortly.
    Updated 20 Sep 2010 at 10:51 PM by ElCapichan
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    I agree, this one can be tough to follow. Like I said, it took a few reads and time to understand. I'll have time tomorrow to add my own experience and thoughts to it as well as some pictures.

    The DR between digital and film is very different, though it bears mentioning that different types of film have different DR as well. The thing about digital is that no camera is the same and same with lighting. There are going to be situations where the light is just to bright to capture detail in everything. Oh, and this also only works in RAW. If you shoot jpeg, you can't recover all the data your sensor is capable. I actually want to test this in a better light condition tomorrow to try and get a better idea.

    I will try to work on this tomorrow and make it flow better. Thanks for the feedback,
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    I think it's a bit hard to follow, because you need to have learned a bit about exposing before you understand the range of your camera.

    Basically, from what I've learned in a book about film and exposure control, is to imagine the range from black to white segmented into 11 shades, with 0 as black, 5 as middle gray, and 10 as white. When you meter, you get a reading for what will get a middle gray exposure. So if you are spot metering, the exposure you get will make what you've metered into the middle tone. If it's a shadow area, you're going to get a lot of detail in the shadow, but everything lighter is going to get really bright, and if you're metering a light area, everything else is going to get dark. Now the trick is, it takes a full stop to move your exposure one step on your gray scale, so what you can do is, like in ElCapichan's example, is meter the sky, and then change your exposure 3 stops to put it at an 8, so now you have your sky bright, but you can still get details because it's not set to total white.

    What I've described is with film however, and I think this blog is about the difference between film and digital determining how many stops there are between black and white? I've always just assumed it was 11 stops and have worked like that, but I don't do a lot of photography so it hasn't been a huge issue for me.
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    I took the test shots with my 5D MkII today. I haven't gone through with them in RAW yet to determine the DR range. I am still not sure how useful this would be for determining the proper exposure. I'll experiment with it more tomorrow, but seeing that not all lighting is the same, it is more of a theoretical guess than an exact science. The article also mentioned that color has its own DR that if shot out of that range, colors could become washed out or dull when trying to fix them in RAW and PS. I will add that in when I finish my own tests.

    The noise test is interesting when you see the images back to back, Just keep in mind though that if you have lots of good light, the images will look much better than images shot with the same ISO in poor light.
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    This was a technical column, why the fuck does it need pictures?

    Also, I need to do this with my Rebel. I've also been meaning to test the noise in the ISO setting - leaving the dust cap on, taking shots at the different ISOs, then bumping up the contrast to see which are the cleanest.
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    No... they don't.
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    Every blog can use a bit of me.
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    Did you ever think these blogs weren't necessarily meant for you?

    More pretty pics to come with the next blog.
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    I think this one is gay.
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    Let me know what you think of this one. Is it hard to follow or understand? Any parts that need a bit more clarifying or just don't make sense? After spending hours on the subject the last 2 nights, I feel I have a decent grasp on how it works and how to apply it to different situations. I hope to put it to the test this week and get some pics of my own up and my thoughts from my own personal experience.
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    Other images are back up. Going to finish up the blog I started last night tonight and then will finally get to lightning at night within the next day or so.
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    Was busy today. I will add back those images tomorrow and start working on another blog to put up hopefully by Sat or Sun. It will be on photographing lightning at night followed by photographing lightning during the day.
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    Today's lesson, NHL 11.
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