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    Do you have Lawrence of Arabia to try out?
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    This is at the top of my Famicom wish list and unlike Hal's equally awesome MIA tie-in Ghostbusters 2 it's not a wallet buster.
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    Sounds like a really neat little system, thanks for posting about it! So far, what has been your favorite game for it? Least favorite? And why!
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    You have arrived on BUSINESS. Shit.

    Legends of Localization, check this site out, talks about the sound mappers and the english in JP games.

    The Famicom Disk System included extra sound hardware that let game creators make more interesting sound effects and music than they could with the ordinary Famicom and NES. Since we’re comparing the FDS version of Zelda with the NES version here, it’s natural that a number of audio differences exist between the two.

    Another thing that’s immediately obvious is that the English font is different in both versions of the game. The FDS version is a thin 8×8 font, while the NES version is the standard, thick 8×8 font used by lots of games back then.

    Japanese players actually got the thick font years later when the cartridge version of the game was released in 1994. I guess that counts as a rare case of a double reverse localization change
    There are also often technical advantages of using English instead of Japanese – you only need memory for 26 letters if you use English, but well over a hundred if you decide to use Japanese katakana and hiragana.

    A side result of this is that many games released in 1980s Japan used English text. So where we English-speakers fondly view retro games as having poorly-written English, Japanese retro games have an “oh, all the text is in English” vibe instead.
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    I eyed that Ducktales last time I was there, but passed since I had bought the NES version there on a previous trip. That game is so good, even to this day. I hate that I missed the trip.
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    I feel bad that you're taking advantage of her like this, but at least she is of age.
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    I say, get complete copies when you can find a deal. You found this for a great price (goddamn son of a...), the other stuff will come. Get cheap loose now (Fami carts, I think, are really nice. Nicer than the boxes they came in sometimes) and replace as things come along.
    I've completely ignored my Famicom Twin since the week I got it, but I will get back to it. Eventually.

    p.s. More people need to comment on blogs. Number of views aside, I feel like if no one is commenting, then no one cares. So why go through the work of putting one together? logo