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The Nick's Level

Musings on the world as it is, as it was, and as it can be. Also, I'm witty.

  1. Mid Year's Resolutions

    Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated with the concept of a fresh start. Not as in "complete overhaul," "witness protection program," or "bury your girlfriend where no one will ever find her, ever." More like New Year's resolutions or the kinds of promises you make to yourself as you blow out your birthday candles. These kinds of incremental improvements can be very useful if they are adhered to.

    In fact, one of my favorite comedies, ...
  2. Welcome to TNL 4.1

    One thing that The Next Level has always had in abundance is deep community involvement. From its humble beginnings to its modest present-day existence, a tightly knit group of informed enthusiasts has been the backbone of what TNL is all about.

    With this latest round of improvements (some of which are still not live as of this writing), the goal is tripartite.

    First off, we want to capitalize on all the talent in our forums and give our members new ways to express and ...

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