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  1. Josh's Avatar
    There isn't much else to do on the internet.
  2. dog$'s Avatar
    [11'37"37] <Schlep> anyone else notice the post volume on TNL went way down after the 'upgrade'
    [11'38"19] <Schlep> It not only looks like Got Next now, it has their post count too
  3. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Chux loves looking at people's buttholes confirmed.
  4. Chux's Avatar
    Tabula Rasa indeed!
  5. Nick's Avatar
    Don't worry. I'll just push out all the bad stuff.
  6. Chux's Avatar
    Nick, this is your doctor.

    You have terminal butt disease, you have 4 hours to live.
  7. Calliander's Avatar
    I went to work and came back and the new stuff is growing on me. We Mean Business is thumbs-up for sure.
  8. YellerDog's Avatar
    I am pleased with a lot of the new options! The attachment feature is amazing now, and I look forward to messing with the blogs.

    Horray! logo