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  1. Dream Interpretation

    Last night I had a dream that I had a kid (no pregnancy, no labor) just an infant that came from no where. I didn't really want it, but my mom talked me into it. I was also swayed by the fact that it looked like me.

    (I decided to name her "Abigail" so that I could call her Abby, and tell people "I have a daughter named Abby, and a cat named Abby" and I laughed about it in my dream).

    So, I put her to sleep in a crib in a basement. It was a live-in ...

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  2. 'appy 'olidays

    Dear TNL Diary,

    Since losing my job, I have taken to sitting around in my pajamas and trying to take pictures that make me look most like Gene Wilder. We share the same slopping nose, weak chin, and slightly bulgy eyes. I believe Gene Wilder had a son put up for adoption, and that son is my father. I wish Mr. Wilder were my father, but I will settle for grandpa.

    I only have a handful of close friends, and I really wish I lived by them still. Sometimes you just want ...

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  3. Bill Nye the Science Guy

    One of the shows I watched as a kid with great enthusiasm, I couldn't help but be strangely attracted to Bill, even as a...7 year old? BILL BILL BILL BILL!

    Anyway, I was reminded of Bill Nye after watching this video of Head Rush, a new show being hosted by the hot redhead from Mythbusters; Kari Byron. The show is aimed at kids, but I'm going to try to catch it on the air. I hope there is still enough curiosity or general thirst for knowledge ...

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