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  1. Thief Silver's Avatar
    That's awesome, I wish I could make it to something like that. Also I'd Kill for an M-Flo US Tour.
  2. Changeling's Avatar
    That's pretty awesome ! I was just listening to them yesterday. Rygar's final castle is the shit !
  3. Calliander's Avatar
    Because Alex's Bar is the shit. Pretty sure I'm gonna go since I can walk there.
  4. Hero's Avatar
    it's one of those things where I would like to expand on my current lifestyle. Buy a Cintiq, afford a car (even if I only use it for getting to gigs), go on a trip...stuff like that that I'd like, but can't very well do. I make just enough to keep myself out of the poor house and afford a game each (or every other) month. Though if I got rid of games entirely, I could save for the rest, although projected it would still take a while.

    Or hell, I'd love to have some health, dental, and vision insurance. Heaven knows I need a bit of each.
  5. Tones's Avatar
    In my opinion, earning next to nothing while still being in the black is living a richer life than earning a million each year while spending twice that. If you are enjoying life and living soundly, why change it, or even worry about it?
  6. Finch's Avatar
    Do it! Cars are for chumps anyway.
    True story: i'm selling my car next week. logo