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    The final four chapters of the main game are DLC, and they are a fantastic way to wrap up the game. Sure, they may have been able to fit it all on the disc, but for 560 MS points it wasn't too bad, and the true ending is absolutely bad ass. If you enjoyed the base game like I did, then the supplemental chapter is a must play. Awesome stuff.

    I also downloaded the Lost Chapters (1 and 2), which were a little less fantastic, but still cool in their own rights. 1 has you, by some stroke of magic, fighting Ryu. This comes with full on SSF4 VS screen chatter (same drawing's and character models used as well), then a short fight in SSF4 mode. It's interesting to put Asura on a 2D plane fighting Ryu, but since Ryu still have all of his moves from that game, including Ultras, Supers, Focus attacks and EX moves, it puts Asura's fighting style at a disadvantage. He can shoot an arm out to counter fireballs, but there is no EX version of any of his moves, so you'll eat it sometimes. He also can't block. That sucks. But once you get past the mediocre SSF fight, you are catapulted back into Asura's world where you piss of Ryu enough to turn into Evil Ryu in a giant Asura's Wrath proper fight. 2 picks up right at the end of that, introducing Akuma in a similar style and his eventual transformation into Oni. The battle that concludes from that is appropriately epic, as Asura and his infinite wrath take on Oni The Destroyer of Heaven. Again, very worth playing and seeing for that. The achievements for both lost chapers consist of going back to the Street Fighter style fights and doing "missions", like win with a perfect, KO with a super, win 10 consecutive. Each chapter has 1 achievement for 15 points, and they almost aren't worth it for the sheer frustration of trying to complete the damn missions, but the actual game play (the non-street fighting parts) are well worth the price (120 points per episode). One thing it did really make me wish for is that they'd release Asura as a character in SSF4 AE, with some tweaking he could be a truly fun character to play.
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    Also, for people who enjoy achievements, 2 playthoughs should be enough to rather easily get the 1000 for this game. Many of them come down to kill this guy/let them live, save her/no save him, which can be done by just reloading a previous save after one of them pops. Others are a little tougher, like beating Dark mode, but taking your time with the combat and getting a basic understanding of it should give you all you need to beat the game on that level, it's really not bad at all. I currently have 890 because I ended up repeating a section or two on accident and didn't reload the old saves.
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    I have no problems admitting I'm a moron when it comes to figuring out even basic web stuff. I was about to say I couldn't find the arcade and then I found it, nevermind. Thanks Nick.
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    It's pretty easy: go to the Arcade and right at the top you will see the tournament area. Pick the active tournament you want to be in and click the link that says "Sign Up."

    I'm still working on a user guide to the new TNL, but the upgrades are only about 90% finished at this point. I'm devoting what free time I have, but - really - it's okay to ask. You are encouraged to PM me if you don't want to ask a how-to in public. logo