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Getting motivated.

I have some hours to make up this month for leaving early/calling in, but the last 2 days where I planned on going in early I wasn't able to wake up early enough to make it, and I really don't seem to care. The thing is I don't really need the money as all I really spend it on is going out to eat and new games/dvds. Other thing is when I don't make up the time I get bitched at by my bosses who are all "Dude don't you wanna make that extra money?!?" Honestly, no, I'm not really worried about it. Maybe I should be, but I'm not. I'm gunna end up going in on my days off for 4-5 hours, but what would motivate you guys to wake up 2 hours early to do an 11 hour day instead of a 9 hour day? I just can't seem to do it, although I haven't really tried that hard to go to sleep earlier than normal, so when my alarm goes off 2 hours early I just hit snooze and set it for 2 hours later.

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