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Getting motivated.

I have some hours to make up this month for leaving early/calling in, but the last 2 days where I planned on going in early I wasn't able to wake up early enough to make it, and I really don't seem to care. The thing is I don't really need the money as all I really spend it on is going out to eat and new games/dvds. Other thing is when I don't make up the time I get bitched at by my bosses who are all "Dude don't you wanna make that extra money?!?" Honestly, no, I'm not really worried about it. Maybe I should be, but I'm not. I'm gunna end up going in on my days off for 4-5 hours, but what would motivate you guys to wake up 2 hours early to do an 11 hour day instead of a 9 hour day? I just can't seem to do it, although I haven't really tried that hard to go to sleep earlier than normal, so when my alarm goes off 2 hours early I just hit snooze and set it for 2 hours later.

  1. Words about The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition (360)

    This was an excellent game experience in my opinion. The story was engrossing and well written/acted without being overbearing, the combat feels fluid and (mostly) responsive and has a good weight to it, and there's a nice assortment of side missions and things to do outside of the main quest. It kept me wanting to come back to it and see everything it had to offer without ever really boring me, which is a testament to it's strengths because I often find myself bored by games relatively quickly. ...
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