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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    She shows exciting promise as and artist
    Despite the fact that she was trapped in a house with her barely sane mother and a pedophile and for the past ten years,
    Be careful.

    Also - Nick is going to skin your hide for not marking a category for this.
  2. catsmeow's Avatar
    ill elaborate- we're planning a benefit concert/silent art auction here in SD for sierra. so its for the san diego audience. plus theres much much more to the story, this is just to get people to realize why we need the money to get her out of the town. thank you for letting me know though, i didnt realize it was quite so condescending

    so basically this is for people to read before attending the event... i think condensing it is the most important thing here, i just dont want to lose any of the story.
    Updated 24 Jun 2010 at 03:08 AM by catsmeow
  3. Finch's Avatar
    Nick said it. The impression i get from this is "I'm from San Diego, it's way better than backwater cow town Grand Junction. We have all kinds of creative outlets and i look down upon Hispanics and low-income whites." The rest is okay, but i have a hard time getting past the part where it's not San Diego so it's a human garbage dump.
  4. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    Women forsaking their kids for the asshole who is currently dicking them down seems to be quite common these days. Or at least it is around these parts.
  5. Nick's Avatar
    I'm not clear on how you expect to raise money for anyone with that. I assume that most of the money would come from people who know the family, but your repeated putdowns of the town and the people in it won't do anything but hurt your case. And you spend way, way too much time being self-absorbed and closed-minded. Honestly, who gives a damn what kind of beer you and your friends drank or how fortunate you are to have had sushi in San Diego and other glitzy hotspots?

    Trim down the glut of extraneous words, tone down the narcissism and ethnocentrism, and make it a little more personal and sympathetic if you're serious.
  6. Rated E's Avatar
    There is a reason I don't live in Junktion anymore, but the "being surrounded by mountains" thing is pretty common in a state that the Rockies run through, you'll get that almost anywhere you go. San Deigo is a great City and it's kind of unfair to even try to compare it to a simple place like Grand Junction.
  7. Finch's Avatar
    I once knew an owl who lived in the Junction. She caught a breeze and flew away to the windy city. She said she'd be back one day, maybe with another owl in tow, but the wind has yet to blow back west. logo