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  1. Technophile

    I love technology. I have since playing with After Dark screen savers on my dad's ancient machine. It was on 3 floppies. Straight terminal input. I watched those flying toasters and I thought "damn, this is nice".

    2d video games sort of capped at Sonic 2, lvl 2 part 2. Chemical zone. Jumping. Let me just tell you that all I did was drown my little blue spikey guy in that chemical ooze. The dramatic music didn't help. I was actually moving the controller around, ...
  2. Now a word from your quietest poster...

    If not the quietest, then certainly up there. Why?

    A few reasons,

    I can't spell for shit. Think IP bad. Even with fastidious spell checking, it get's quite tiring when I have tons of errors.

    I am not used to expressing my opinions. Don't ask, but I'm just not open to having what I think bashed, insulted, and declared wrong.

    So I post very, very little. I also don't talk about or express my opinions with anyone. My fella mentioned ...
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