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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    Quit closing off comments from your blog posts.

    Think of Dynasty Warriors like a sports game series. There's no reason to play anything but the latest one to come out.
  2. No One's Avatar
    +1 for Ice Cube ref.
  3. Finch's Avatar
    You sound like a Michel Gondry film, Mzo. I would watch that film...
  4. Chux's Avatar
    that's ignorant
  5. Josh's Avatar
    I tried the demo, and I think it's a barrel of dicks.
  6. ChaoofNee's Avatar
    Thus is the fate of what should've been a magnificent game. It makes me cry both out of disappointment and from the pain of actually playing through this thing to enjoy everything that's NOT the game.
  7. Rated E's Avatar
    That generic insanity quote was in some game preview I saw, though I don't remember which one because I wasn't that into it. I've never cared for that particular definition.
  8. dog$'s Avatar
    Oh. Yeah, I've heard that quote before but didn't connect it to your initial post.

    Everything makes sense now.
  9. Mzo's Avatar
    OK, let's try this:

    I've been seeing this shit everywhere for years in books, movies, and even video games. People say "Do you know the definition of insanity? It's doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    It's not. That quote has been attributed to Einstein, Franklin, and Twain at different times. They never said it. It's a stupid thing to say that needs to go away.

    No one is saying that they were insane people, just that they coined that phrase. They didn't.

  10. dog$'s Avatar
    Einstein I guess I could see someone stretching the term insanity towards. It would be wrong, but trying to apply the term to Franklin or Twain is much more misguided.

    Franklin was very intelligent and Twain was a master marketer.
  11. Mzo's Avatar
    People attribute the "definition of insanity" quote to all the people I mentioned.
  12. dog$'s Avatar
    I've never heard or read anything linking Benjamin Franklin to insanity.

    Eccentricity, sure, but not insanity.
  13. epmode's Avatar
    Updates to Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™ have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    * Adjusted timing delays for certain puzzles
    * Fixed missing music in Dinky Jungle
    * Fixed music synching issue with the Bone Dance sequence
    * Fixed various music cross-fading issues
    * Addressed Cursor issues when using an XBox360 controller
    * Added intro and outro credits sequences to the Classic version
    * Added acceleration curve to cursor speed
    * Increased volume level of "Classic" Chester

    But not about the iMuse thing. Monkey Island 2 and the X-Wing games did incredible stuff with that tech.
  14. its me's Avatar
    I am expecting you to read this and then look @ your key chain.
  15. its me's Avatar
    You and your Monkey business!!
  16. its me's Avatar
    O yeah! thats the only thing you are good at, right?
  17. Compass's Avatar
    You're welcome. I will buy these if they go on sale again. I only played Curse back in the day (which I really liked) so they will be brand new games to me.
  18. Anthony's Avatar
    I very much liked these games as a kid, I watched my friend play them, never played them myself, and that doesn't bother me.
  19. Mzo's Avatar
    Never noticed the iMuse thing, I must not think it very important. Also, thanks, Compass! Means a lot.

    Ed, I specifically noticed the timing seemed super tight for changing the flags in the spitting contest, and especially handing LeChuck the hankie at the end. That took me like 10 tries to get it to work. I even thought it might not be the correct solution. Could just be the bad control scheme, but I dunno.
    Updated 17 Jul 2010 at 11:28 PM by Mzo
  20. Compass's Avatar
    lol, that first paragraph is aces. When did Mzo's writing get so entertaining. ::tips hat::
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