• SWTOR Preorder Bonuses for All

        Store-blind preorders announced.

        Preorder bonuses are (kind of) a clever way to reward customer enthusiasm while simultaneously locking in some added early sales for a retailer. But nowadays you do have to take a minute and look at your options, since it's not uncommon for bigger games to have different bonuses attached to different stores. Batman: Arkham City, which came out this week, is a perfect example. Depending on where you bought it, you might have ended up with store credit, an extra playable map, an extra playable character, a comic, a movie, a character skin, a t-shirt, a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum, or some combination of these.

        Star Wars: The Old Republic will likely enjoy a similar scenario, but BioWare and Electronic Arts are making sure that everybody gets some basic content as a reward for preordering.

        Everyone who reserves a copy will earn the Color Stone, which changes any lightsaber or blaster bolt to a yellow-in-black color scheme.

        The Digital Deluxe Edition will also net you the following:

        A flare gun that shoots up into the air to announce your presence to the universe. It can help your allies find you in a multiplayer battle, but it doesn't appear to do anything else.

        The HoloCam, to take and store high-resolution images of the game world.

        The HoloDancer, which projects a swaying femal figure to amuse you during lulls in the battle - maybe even during battle for all we know.

        The Single Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP), a vehicle that becomes available during the course of the game but can be used earlier with this bonus.

        A training droid that can not only be your tireless companion but also mark enemy combatants with a particle effect for easier targeting. It might also do very light damage.

        The Collector's Edition gets all of the above plus:

        A custom-skinned mouse droid for those cold, lonely space nights with no organic vermin in sight.

        The Collector's Edition store, which will allow you to acquire unique items for you and unique looks for your companions. BioWare states that the store will be updated regularly after launch.

        Once unlocked, bonuses will be available to all characters on your account. Star Wars: The Old Republic will be in stores and online on December 20, 2011.
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        1. Yoshi's Avatar
          Yoshi -
          Two... more... months...
        1. Timber's Avatar
          Timber -
          The wait is slowly killing me.
        1. Korian's Avatar
          Korian -
          It used to be Working Designs that offered the best swag, times have changed.
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