• Miserable Podcast of Secrets #2

        "Are You Slamming the Japanese Out of Nowhere?"

        Unfortunately, my uncompressed part of the podcast was lost - either by my accidentally deleting it or because of a crash, so there wasn't even a chance to splice all the voices together. The good news is, the group copy we have is decent. Be warned: there are two horrible splices at the beginning (one much more noticeable than the other) and the ending is a bit abrupt. Other than that, we did a better job this time on the technical side.

        On the menu:
        • Sloppy introductions
        • Pronunciations
        • The Japanese and their plastic desserts
        • Is your phone mocking you?
        • Why is Nintendo losing money?
        • Mzo's Stockholm syndrome
        • Gamers' and developers' investment in games
        • Metal Gear Solid retrospective - bathroom humor, convoluted storylines, the secret of super stealth walking, and "Nanomachines!"
        • The gamer's secret to immortality
        • Sonic Generations - "a little bubble of 'awesome' to 'suck'"
        • Arkham City DLC
        • 50% of us have played Kawaii Pet Megu
        • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and the direction of the series
        • Voxatron and Stealth Bastard
        • The perils of context-sensitive controls
        • Blackwell Deception - from the makers of Gemini Rue
        • Pile of Shame - Half-Life 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Grand Theft Auto IV, and the Mass Effect series
        • The Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station
        • Options for good and evil in games
        • Dragon Age: Origins versus Dragon Age II
        • Zanac and in-game adaptation
        • [An Athena mention]
        • Otomedius Excellent delays and pillowcase
        • Chux is too old for Power Rangers
        • and more
        Coming soon:
        • We get more professional
        • The lost episodes
        • Intro music
        The player is below (it might not show in Chrome). Questions and comments go below that.

        Right-click to save a local copy: Miserable Podcast of Secrets - Episode 1.

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