• Arc the Lad and Alundra Coming to PSN Tomorrow

        Classic PlayStation RPGs for $5.99 each.

        Action RPG Alundra and strategy RPG Arc the Lad, both from the classic PlayStation era and both localized for North American audiences by Working Designs, will be debuting on the PlayStation Network on October 12. And it just takes $5.99 to convince Sony to put these on your PS3.

        Word is, the second Arc game is following in about a month's time, but anything after that is dependent on sales. Longtime players will know that some of the best roleplaying games came out in the 16-bit era, and these are among the cream of the crop.

        If you're itching to play another title like Landstalker or old, old Zelda, let the ghosts of TNL past guide you and pick up Alundra at least.

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        1. bbobb's Avatar
          bbobb -
          I love Alundra, great, great game.
        1. Bacon McShig's Avatar
          Bacon McShig -
          I long regretted waiting too long to buy Alundra, disappeared from stores and then spiked up in price.

          But now my lament is over. Six bucks shall gladly be tendered.
        1. Compass's Avatar
          Compass -
          Neither of these games are very good at all. I bought both when they were new ($75 for AtL collection, ouch).
        1. A Robot Bit Me's Avatar
          A Robot Bit Me -
          Is this just Arc 1 or the collection? 2 and 3 are still pretty good. But yeah, I forced myself through 1 last year. Horrible game.

          Edit: Just read the article deeesu neeeee. Wonder if you'll be able to carry the save over to 2.
        1. Bacon McShig's Avatar
          Bacon McShig -
          I have Arc Collection but I don't think I've ever put any of the discs in my system. I only paid like fifteen bucks for it though, so I wasn't too invested.
        1. Dyne's Avatar
          Dyne -
          2 and Monster Tournament have been rated by the ESRB.

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