• Corrected/Updated Information on Redbox Game Rentals

        Here are the facts.

        As you may have read in our earlier news item, Redbox is making further inroads into video game rentals. Here are more specifics on the company's plans.

        Redbox has already seen more than a billion DVD rentals in its 24,000+ locations. In August 2009, it made a test run on game rentals in Reno, Nevada, and in Wilmington, North Carolina. Nine months later, Orlando, Florida, and Austin, Texas, were added as test markets. TNL has been told that the official plan is to begin testing video game rentals in an additional 5,000 markets in the West, Midwest, and Atlantic Coast later this month.

        This is a little different than the full-fledged, immediate nationwide availability that was implied on this site and elsewhere. It seems all but inevitable, however, that we will get to that point.

        Game selection will vary among locations, and it will understandably be secondary to Redbox's main business of movies. The current set-up has video games constituting only a small percentage the overall choices in a kiosk. As with the movie rentals, customers will be charged a fee (in this case, $2) for every night the game is out. After twenty-five nights - $50 in total charges - the game will be considered purchased and the fees will cease.

        So far, it appears that Redbox will be updating the video game choices weekly, with an effort to have the top ten available - but, again, different locations may have different inventory. There is no system in place at this point to reserve a game online before heading out to the kiosk.

        It's not a bad deal overall - at worst, you'll be paying two bucks for a fully unlocked day-long demo. And, hey, in this volatile economy, it might even serve as a layaway plan of sorts for those who don't mind forgoing a box and instruction manual.

        The Next Level apologizes for any inconvenience caused by our earlier news item. As of today, it appears that the earliest the new test locations will have games available is next week.

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