• Guitar Hero Overdoses - Pronounced Dead

        Activision makes some hard decisions.

        Similar to watching the drug-fueled deterioration of one's favorite rock star, many of us were quietly laying bets as to how long the overblown excess of Guitar Hero could possibly continue. What started out with all the promise in the world quickly became an upgrade mill, churning out a new installment before audiences had even started to miss the old one.

        Even though Guitar Hero was the first game of its kind to hit it big (you know, the kind of game that has colored buttons instead of frets), the competition from Rock Band and the oversaturation of music-as-game content seems to have taken its toll. So out goes GH, and maybe DJ Hero with it. In a financial conference call today, Activision Blizzard COO/CFO Thomas Tippl, laid out a lot of surprises, which in real terms will cost about five hundred people, or 7% of the company's workforce, its jobs.

        Another game on the wrong end of the ax is True Crime: Hong Kong, which was not living up to standards despite getting some high-profile press. Tony Hawk is also said to be standing out in the cold, his rounded helmet in outstretched hand.

        The good news is that Activision Blizzard continues to be a gaming juggernaut, with Diablo III, the mysterious "Titan" MMO, and a new Call of Duty online experience in the works. The company was the number-one overall publisher in North America and Europe last year, and not only everyone you know but all of their parents are hooked on World of Warcraft.
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        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
          This is just fine by me. Rock Band is a better game anyway.
        1. Mzo's Avatar
          Mzo -
          Should've happened sooner.
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