• PlayStation Plus Users Get Cloud Storage for Saves

        Firmware update allows online save/restore.

        If you're still hesitant to commit the $49.99 for a year of PlayStation Plus privileges, you might want to know that Sony has sweetened the pot even further. The interestingly numbered firmware update 3.60, which will be released tomorrow, brings online storage for your saved games. That means you can save on one console and resume on another.

        Up to 1000 save files or 150 megabytes can be saved this way, even what Sony classifies as "copy-prohibited save data." Eventually, you will be able to save to the PlayStation Network directly, without ever needing a local copy. Cloud storage will also factor into the upcoming Xperia Play (Android OS) and NGP (PSP 2) portable platforms.

        PlayStation Plus allows early access to demos, free and heavily discounted PSN games, free one-hour demos of selected titles, automatic download options, and priority access to betas.

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