• Chinatown Fair Update

        The home of legends is coming back.

        Mott Street is about to get busy, all over again. This evening, Chinatown Fair employee, Derrick Rudder stated today in a Facebook post that he had "good news" for gamers everywhere...

        Chinatown Fair is coming back. In case you missed it, I said "Mott Street", which is the original location where CF operated. Well, guess what? It's reopening at the same address. Go figure.

        No additional details are known at this time, however the arcade should be officially open to the public sometime next week. Good news indeed!
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        1. Gymkata's Avatar
          Gymkata -
          Sooo... Any news on this story? Have they been able to go back or are they in Hipsterville?
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          They're coming back.
        1. Gymkata's Avatar
          Gymkata -
          I just went down last night and its closed still...

          And it seems

          These guys have shown that the Brooklyn Arcade is up and running.
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