• The Quest to Own the First Nintendo 3DS

        There can only be one.

        How far would you be willing to go in order to own a hot product before anyone else? For Triforce, a diehard Nintendo fan, no obstacle is too great, willing to brave cold weather to pick up the Nintendo 3DS, which officially goes on sale tomorrow.

        Triforce set up camp on several days ago at a New York Best Buy, capturing the attention of major online editorial sites (and a manager who contacted the NYPD to have him escorted off the premises.) That didn't stop him from showing up later to reclaim his spot -- it's a tradition to be the first, after all.

        Sources: Wired, Consumerist.com
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        1. Korly's Avatar
          Korly -
          I don't get it. The 1st 3DS in NYC isn't the first 3DS in production. It's probably not worth standing there for 6 days. And does the dude have no job, or did he take a week off?
        1. Thief Silver's Avatar
          Thief Silver -
          Well maybe he'll get the chance to do what the guy did with the iPad 2. Sell his spot for a thousand dollars or more.
        1. bahn's Avatar
          bahn -
          Triforce supports himself primarily through sponsorships and video game tournaments. I think he also has a part time gig as well. He keeps a very busy schedule, but he doesn't work the traditional 9 to 5 job.
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          Is this the same Triforce who wears that stupid ass power glove to SF tournaments? He's a tool.
        1. Chux's Avatar
          Chux -
          How long has the 3DS been out in Japan? Just sayin.
        1. bahn's Avatar
          bahn -
          Razor: LOL... harsh.
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