• Sunday Funday: Nintendo 3DS Is Here!

        Hooray for launch releases.

        Unless you have a local hookup or just praying for a miracle, the odds of picking up a Nintendo 3DS today without a reservation will be slim. After my last experience with the iPad 2, I decided not to take any chances and put some money down to secure one of these sexy handhelds for myself.

        Yeah, I called it sexy... Teal is the new hotness. Everyone seems a lot more excited about rocking a teal-colored model over the traditional black. This time around, I'll pass; it's time for a change.

        This morning, I headed out to one of the local Gamestop locations here in New England, approximately 15 minutes before noon. Most of the eager gamers opted to arrive at the midnight launch, which, according to the manager, consisted of 15 customers in total.

        I am really eager to try the new handheld out and experience the 3D visuals. Look forward to some upcoming impressions on Super SF4 3DS, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Pilotwings Resort.
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        1. Uriel's Avatar
          Uriel -
          They had about 1 million preorders, just like the Wii. The difference is, they shipped like 1.6 million units for launch. Scarcity isn't an issue for once.

          How's Ghost Recon? I've heard it's good, as awful as it looks.
        1. bahn's Avatar
          bahn -
          Its fun. Haven't touched it in a few days because I been really busy.
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