• Super SFIV to Get Arcade Edition as DLC

        Could this all be true?

        A massive DLC upgrade will be making its way to Super Street Fighter IV, converting it into the Arcade Edition, according to a new trailer posted earlier today on ConsoleTech.net.

        The trailer reveals some remarkable new features which include:

        - the ability to choose between Super and Arcade versions of the cast.
        - enhanced Replay Channel functionality (you can finally can follow specific players).
        - a new "Elite" Replay Channel that allows you to check out replays from competitors above 3000BP.
        - access to all four Arcade-exclusive characters (Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, and Oni).

        Capcom has pulled the footage from YouTube, due to its copyright claim . . . but could it also be taken a possible hint of an imminent release? Stay tuned.

        Source: SRK
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