• Game Republic Quietly Shuts Down

        Giant enemy crabs to blame?

        Game Republic, developers of Genji, Folklore, and Brave Story, appears to have quietly ceased operations without an announcement. Many suspected problems weeks earlier when their website vanished, and their fears are confirmed now that the developers offices appear to be up for rent.

        Perhaps most upsetting, Game Republic founder Yoshiki Okamoto, father of Street Fighter, 1942, and former CEO of Capcom, has reportedly incurred a large amount of debt trying to keep the studio afloat, and journalists have been unable to locate him for comment.

        The closure marks just one more blow to Japan's ever shrinking game industry and market. Sales of games in Japan have fallen to shocking lows where selling 15,000 units in a week will make you the second best selling game. Meanwhile western gamers grow less interested in the Japanese games that once dominated the console market, giving little hope to the many struggling studios in the island nation.
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          Gamer's Republic was my favorite game mag.
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