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  1. Now I'm curious...DO dogs like flour? I should ask one.
  2. I never thought to stay in the room! I'm gonna start a new game just to see what you're talking about.
  3. oh my god it keeps happening
  4. If you wait in the room Toriel tells you to wait in you get a bunch of phone calls...

    and they're all amazing
  5. i'm playing it but i'm in the first part i played like 10 times so it's not exciting yet but i'm still excited about what lies beyond
  6. He said as much on tumblr, i just happened to see it.
  7. I know. :/ I assume you checked, too.
  8. I wish Undertale was at midnight instead of noon...
  9. YEAH
  11. Looks like the Steam version will have trading cards and, most importantly, profile backgrounds. Less than a week to go! I've been trying to hurry Phantom Pain along so I can devote my evenings to it.

  12. i am as excited for this as i am for the mario makers and dragon quests and basically anything
  13. Oh wow, and it's only a few weeks out. I'm actually really excited about this.

  14. :OOO
  15. i don't know but i get confused when it's the other way around
  16. Why does Cure heal and Heal cure?
  17. I only supported the game, since that's more important to me than anything else they were pitching.

    Have you seen The Kingdom of Dreams of Madness? I noticed it on Netflix over the weekend and immediately watched it. To my surprise, it kinda made me...sad.
  18. Did you contribute to the anime of Red Ash? I was really happy that it hit its goal, they were trying really hard.

    I actually hope both open up more crowdfunding options (like paypal pre-orders or something) because i want an art book for both and couldn't afford it this month!
  19. (And I think it's going to be fun, so everyone else can piss off.)
  20. I still struggle to understand why people are so quick to outrage and so quick to condemn something they've been hoping and asking for because it's not exactly what they envisioned. It's even weirder in the case of Red Ash, since people really just seem to be angry that the financial backing wasn't fully disclosed prior to a voluntary pledge drive (ditto for IGA's project). Pretty much every successfully Kickstarted game project has had some weird blowback, no matter how good the final product ended up being. Not sure I'd even bother if I was a dev.

    As long as nobody is getting hurt or being stolen from, I don't give a shit how it's made. I just want to play it. I'm too old to be getting angry at this nonsense anymore.
  21. since we're talking about killing everyone in the whole world i'm going to murder everyone if Red Ash is bad, not because of disappointment (OH I"LL BE DISAPPOINTED ALRIGHT) but because people even have the ammunition to say "TOLD YOU SO"

    also, yes, Dragon Quest, but i'm just going to do the impossible task of learning kanji and how katakana isn't a bad joke that's funny sometimes and that hiragana makes words and not just sounds i can say out loud
  22. Finch, if they don't localize Dragon Quest XI I'm going to kill everyone in the whole world. The 3DS version looks SO NEAT.
  23. n__n thank you!

    Inafune is making a lot of strange mistakes and his "Japan is over" stuff is foot in mouth disease, but this is the one kickstart thing i ever wanted and it has the actual Mega Man Legends staff so i'm pretty confident it'll be good even if it's not everything they wanted!
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