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  1. Are you on LINE or anything? I always want to yell about how excited i am about whatever thing at godawful hours of the morning but nobody else is ever awake
  2. Yes! The second game is a bit more forgiving than the first, but I think it's universally understood that the original Dark Souls is the better game. The lore and overall aesthetic are exceedingly sad and grim; I've honestly never played anything that so successfully conveyed a sense of decay and hopelessness. So of course Demon's Souls was right in my wheelhouse before I even played it. The community features are also really neat, even if you aren't ordinarily into that kind of thing.

    The series has a reputation for being difficult, but I think more than anything else you just need patience. A cool head and methodical pace are more than enough to have fun with it. They were my favorite games last gen after Nier and Drakengard 3!
  3. Should i play one of them Dark Soul games
  4. YES! It was my favorite of the Guild games and one of my favorite games that year despite its brevity and over all not-gameness. Nothing game-related would make me happier than an English-language game by Kaz Ayabe.

  5. Some of these are outright beautiful.

    Thanks Finchie! My haul this year included Record Breaker and some eShop cards. Have you played Attack of the Friday Monsters?
  6. whaaat, i missed your birthday!

    Happy birthday!

    i really like this artist and feel like you will too
  7. I think I'm going to buy a Wii U this summer. It's the only console this gen I have any interest in (mostly because it's the only one that seems to be trying). Splatoon looks so fun...
  8. i wish you got a wii u so we could play splatoon. it's the best
    i would ask compass too but he is so secretive and would probably never play online
  9. Also, have you ever seen any of the portrait sheets from the original Grandia? They drew dozens of expressions for each character!
  10. That Twitter is lovely.

    My sole claim to early internet fame is a mention (from ECM!) in Gamefan's import review of Grandia for the Saturn. I wrote a translated script for it back in '98! I had the biggest crush on Feena...

    I've always felt like the first game would have been as fondly remembered as Lunar 1 and 2 if Vic Ireland had played nice and localized the proper version. His style suited Takeshi Miyaji's games really well for whatever reason, and it was such an incredible technical accomplishment on the Saturn. It still has one of my favorite battle systems ever and the Iwadare soundtrack is superb; maybe his best ever.

    Perhaps it's time for me to revisit it.
  11. did you play Grandia?


    i didn't actually like it when i played it, but i liked the characters and the idea
  12. Right now I only have Overclocked, although I do have the original version of 2 on the DS. I'm a huge Career Soft fan (the Langrisser/Growlanser guys), and a lot of their staff were picked up by Atlus back in 2004/2005 and put to work on the Devil Survivor games. Easily the most overlooked SRPG devs in Japan, imo.

    Record Breaker looks like a far more extensive remake than Overclocked. I really want to play it.
  13. Did you ever play the Devil Survivor games on DS? I just finished up the 3DS re-release of DS2 and i was surprised by how much i liked it!
  14. that is pretty dang cool
  15. bVork's got pretty good taste in games (if his Steam library is any indication), so that doesn't surprise me. Goodbye Despair is sitting on my shelf waiting to be played once I finish up a couple other Vita games. Freedom Wars is weirdly addictive!

    My stepdaughter just asked if we could play through both halves of Persona 2 over the summer together. So proud.
  16. bVork knows a lot about visual novels!

    Did you play all the way through the 2nd Danganronpa already?
  17. Also, I've been thinking about requesting a name change. Back when I registered (mostly out of frustration), I didn't expect to actually participate here beyond the initial post, so "no one" seemed appropriate. I was just a lurking nobody to the regulars here.
  18. Lately I spend more time having conversations on profile pages than I do on the forums themselves. I'm pretty apathetic to shitty attitudes on the internet at this point in my life, but being told everything I like is terrible whenever I venture an opinion is draining. It's disappointing to see so many grown men espousing the same pointlessly caustic opinions I outgrew in middle school.

    Since you turned me on to Steins;Gate, I've been hopelessly addicted to visual novels. I suspect I'm single-handedly keeping JAST USA afloat right now. At the moment I'm making my way through Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream. I don't play a lot of eroges, but this one is surprisingly well-written.
  19. no one, no one talks about japan games here anymore unless it's a jp game that looks like it should be a western game
  20. It was obvious Sushio was involved about 30 seconds into the first episode. I love​ the character designs.
  21. Ah, i haven't even watched all of them!

    I follow a lot of people on Twitter who know about that stuff, that's how i know
  22. I ended up watching all of did you even find them?
  23. this is a cool thing.... (it has English subtitles if you click "EN" at the top)
  24. Gaijinworks is announcing a new PSP game this week. I know it's not going to be Tengai IV, but I really want it to be Tengai IV.
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