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  1. I don't think anyone's even done a fan translation besides Oriental Blue on GBA. Vic Ireland was hinting at bringing Tengai Makyo IV PSP but i don't think it's happening now that it seems like getting it out from under Konami is an impossible task.

    stupid butt konami
  2. That Eikichi is pretty good!

    Yeah, I pulled the Duo out of storage and started playing around with some of my old games last weekend and ended up getting sucked into Fuun Kabuki Den all over again. I wish someone would have taken a chance on Tengai Makyou in the west; I've gotta think the PSP port of IV would have done okay over here given the setting.

    Red Company was so good in the 90s.
  3. are you playing a Tengai Makyou game
  4. There's something so weird about seeing anime characters hip-hop dancing to JDK Band synth pop. Gurumin is crazy charming, even for a Falcom game.
  5. Finch. Hey.

    You should totally be an animator.

    Rajyaki is the best.
  6. that game has the best sprite work

    i want to animate
    i want to be an animator
  7. Even without going to the actual YouTube page (I subbed), I knew straight away that I was looking at a Finchie cartoon. Placing the white bowl under the frog as it "jumped" made me laugh - so clever! Some of the effects during that crazy ass ending looked pretty complex, too. Did you do all the voices and sound effects?

    I'm so glad you shared that with me. Thanks!
  8. I don't know if you saw that Steins;Gate was already on PC or not! I finished 4/6 endings, the last two which diverge significantly from the first 4 and i'm saving those last 2 for Vita. I might play the whole thing again. Steins;Gate is so good
  9. Tu
  10. Happy birthday, Finchie!

  11. Kirigiri is my favorite of the lot, especially now that I've hit the last chapter and know more about her. Her design is lovely, too. I had a soft spot for Hina and Sakura pretty much from the start, which made Chapter 4 utterly heartbreaking.

    Yasuhiro is the worst​.
  12. btw, who is your favorite character?

    I really like Kirigiri and Toko AFTER HER TRANSFORMATION and Hifumi and Sakura (i hate her voice though!). I liked everyone except the first trial murderer and victim and the stupid fortune teller kid.
    Even the first death person is cool if you talk to her during the breaks.
  13. Truth bullets aren't bad until you get too many choices and everything is kind of vague or it seems like more than one could be the correct answer so you're just picking stuff at random. I think the 2nd game has it way more than the 1st.
    But yeah, everything else that's some kind of matching or rhythm or jam the button just needs to go. I love the characters and some of the plot points are genuinely touching. It's nice that the game lets you set the action difficulty to easy so you don't have to deal with it as much. It's one of the few times where i don't feel bad for choosing the easier difficulty.
  14. Are you playing them out of order, or did you already play through Trigger Happy Havoc? I'm at the tail end of chapter 5, and in typical Spike Chunsoft fashion the plot has launched into WTF Overdrive.

    The "truth bullets" stuff is great, but the rhythm game and hangman need to go.
  15. but i love everything about the game that isn't "futz around with this horrible mini game to fill in the blanks"
  16. i'm playing the 2nd Dangitgranpa and every trial makes me mad because i hate when it feels like it has to have some horrible gameplay element

    i am about to change the difficulty to "babby" because i'm tired of putting up with it.
  17. Criminal Girls isn't a bad game at all!

    PSN is finchiekins
  18. Hay! I picked up Criminal Girls and Hyperdevotion Noire yesterday (to my great relief, the lady that rang me up was actually a fan of both). Criminal Girls has some interesting ideas underneath the delicious sleaze! What is your PSN handle, anyway? Message me if it's super secret.
  19. There is something wonderful about playing those Nier tracks in Theatrhythm. I really hope some Drakengard 3 tracks make it in.
  20. i... actually never started it because i wanted to beat 4 Heroes of Light first and i'm at the very end but can't muster up the energy to do it
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