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  1. Don't sweat it my friend. I know you have Things To Do. You are always my first choice...but if this were to be done, it needed to be done rather quickly...i know that that isn't your strong suit.
  2. i'm sorry. i kept meaning to post something but i am buried in homework. i'll post something here tomorrow night if i don't fall asleep early

  3. i seriously want the Mo Images Safety Amulet
  4. Happy belated birthday, early.
  5. I got it today! Thank you!

    i dant want nathing. Just been busy. I got a slew of stuff I hope to mail out Tuesday.
  7. did you send Wario? i am keeping an eye out. if you want me to send money, tell me how much and where!
  8. :O Yeah! 2181 S. T.

    You want me to paypal you? I think i've sent you paypal before, let me know if it's a different address.
  9. Dont tell shin kohn pb, but i gave a g&w for you. Is the address at t. Way correct?
  10. I don't like how you and that fatima guy seem to be such fast friends.
    I also don't like how I hadn't noticed you-know-who hasn't been around until you mentioned it the other day.
    Everything is falling apart Funch.

    it looks like Akiba's Trip 2 is being localized by XSeed...

  12. It's a Sting game! it might actually be a good good game!
  13. This will be useful later

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