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  1. I did not!...

    ...I never played much of Victory though. I should swap games and force myself to get back to it.

  2. Did you hear that Netpunia PP is being brought over the US Vita? Maybe Vita will become the PS2 2...
  3. i didn't understand why you linked that until just now. My fingernails do look kind of gnarled
  4. Did you see...

    You have to swim the digital river to get the physical copy, but i'll chance it
  5. They're in my drawing thread. They're pretty huge, but let me know if you want bigger files. TNL doesn't like it when i try to upload anything close to 4MB.
  6. I think i have a super high quality scan of both, so i'll fix it up and post them later today
  7. So when are you going to post pics of them?
    I want high res goodness to set as my wallpaper!
  8. n-never...
  9. The mailman said he had a package for me, but thought it was haunted. So he dunked it in holy water and the water turned all kinds of colors, so he must have been right. Once all the evil bled out of it, it disintegrated into pulp.
    So when's my pictures gunna be done?
  10. has anything arrived at your mailbox yet... maybe tomorrow if not today
  11. Isabelle of course.
    (but I've only been playing for two days, haven't met the kapp'n yet)
  12. do you like ISABELLE or KAPP'N better

    i'm going to send you a couple things this weekend and another couple things later because i move so glacially

    but i think you'll like it

  14. sometimes i forget how great What's Michael is. that should never happen
  15. A cornucopia of finchie goodness sounds great. I will wait. foreverrrrr......
  16. FINISHED THE FIRST ONE. Do you want to see it or do you want to wait? if it takes too long to get the other two done, i'll just send them out as they're finished...
  17. and i'm working on it right now and i couldn't decide between three scenes so you'll be getting three...
  18. no one even realizes that my avatar is from a psvita game...
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